Friday, October 4, 2013

Walking Hand in Hand With God

I've neglected this little blog o mine for a considerable amount of time. Not necessarily by choice really. But on the 1st of October I was sort of looking through it, and by serendipitous chance, I came across a comment from Reno, about exactly the same time, so I thought maybe it was time to "spill the beans," so to speak!

A few days after my surgery, in March, I began to cough. I thought I had a virus, which seemed to make sense since my son was getting over a nasty virus.  The problem was, I didn't stop coughing. I coughed and coughed and coughed and felt terrible.  I had a clear chest x-ray in March prior to surgery, and on a trip to Utah in April to go through my mother's things, my sister dragged me to urgent care which produced another clear chest x-ray.

In May, I began to be very ill with what was termed "pleurisy."  The pain in my left ribcage was horrendous and I spent hours on the couch and in a recliner just trying to get through the days.  Another trip to the doctor with meds, but no chest x-ray.

The middle of June, just after our #14 grandbaby was born, I woke up in the middle of the night with severe heart irregularities. I knew it was serious and ended up in the emergency room with what is termed as "atrial fibrillation," or irregular heartbeat.  In the process of working all this up, I had yet another chest x-ray and this one was ominous.

I had a large tumor in my left lung, which ultimately proved to be a malignancy.  It took the doctors over six weeks to determine vaguely what they thought it was.  I'm still not sure exactly the exact tumor type, since it has been changed since the original diagnosis.

So there you have it, I'm battling cancer.  Time and space does not permit the telling of the huge tender mercies that I have been blessed with.  The prayers, the fastings, the blessings and the personal revelation that has been received by me and my family.

The bottom line is, I am going to get well.  I woke up on October 1st, 2013, one year after my mother's passing from lung cancer, and prepared to head off to the cancer center for my fourth round of chemotherapy. I'm doing SO well!  I am SO blessed! The tumor IS shrinking!

In the meantime, grandbaby #15 has been born and God is teaching me daily.  I am full of gratitude for the bounteous blessings that He has so generously bestowed upon me!  I hope to update the blog more often, but sometimes energy doesn't permit!

I'm really doing well, I promise.  I appreciate all the prayers and fastings for me! I love God and what He is teaching me at this point in my life.  I have goals and dreams and we are even working in our garden in this glorious time of year in the sunny desert!  I take one day at a time and I remember the manna that God gave the children of Israel to sustain them on a daily basis. I ask for that each day!

I will be okay.


Reno said...

I am sorry that you are going through this but I am so thankful that you shared so that I can add my prayers to those who know you 'in real life'. You can be sure that I will do that.

Momza said...

There you are. Always thinking about you these days and holding good thoughts and prayers that you are being good and loved in your corner of the world.
Another "blogland" friend is going thru something similar. I think you might enjoy her post today:

Much love

Kerin said...

Oh Marilyn,
My heart goes out to you, and my prayers too.
You have had so many trials this last while.
You inspire me with your devotion to your family and faith, and I admire your spirituality, and strength.

Sending you {{hugs}}

love, Kerin

Lisa said...

Love you Aunt Marilyn! You are an amazing example! We are praying for you and know you will recover!

Unknown said...

So sorry for the grim diagnosis. YUCK!!! Cancer sucks.

But you are a survivor and God still has a work in store for you here on earth I am sure.

Love and prayers and hugs from Utah.

I love your optimism and I know the source from where it comes. Wasn't conference just amazing. I hope the powerful messages of hope will continue to lift you in your battle. Carry on warrior.

Amy said...

I hate that you have to fight this terrible disease but I love how it's brought our family closer together and closer to God as a result. I know you're surrounded by angels named Grandma, Grandma, Ella, and others.

I love you, Mom!!!!

mmae said...

Updates, please, so we don't worry so much :)
I am adding you to a little prayer roll which often works Miracles!
Love and Blessings to you all!