Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Q is for......


With a new baby coming along, this gramma gets to be creative. I LOVE making quilts for the babies. And this post officially marks the opening of "Santa's Workshop," which is code words for my kids to ALWAYS call before they come over since my latest Christmas projects may be spread all over the house.

One of them, which I just finished, and they already know about, is my ABC book for the family.
I will unveil the title page but the rest will remain a deep dark secret until Christmas Day!  I choose photos from the past year and make them into books for the family. It has been a fun way to remember the past year. It started out as a project for the little kids but we have found that even the "big" kids enjoy it!

My only problem is that my crafty imagination is sometimes bigger than my time available........


Reno said...

I love the quilt- and the ABC book. And the idea of "Santa's Workshop".
Have fun!

Kerin said...

That is one beautiful quilt. Such happy colors! You are a talented lady!!

I love the idea of your family book!

I used to do something similar when our kids were younger.
I would make them each some scrap book pages to put in their scrap books and the pages would reflect the going-ons of the past year.
Are you doing your books with digital scrap-booking?

Momza said...

Beautiful Quilt, Marilyn! Those sacred grandchildren are indeed blessed to have YOU for their Granma!

Jessica said...

The secrets aren't that deep and dark since I am in on a few. BWAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA {that's an evil laugh if you didn't catch that}