Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Life is Average

There is a web site called If you want to spend a few minutes, or hours, laughing and reading stories of average people, go there.

So this is my average week:

The last day of school was Thurs. Miss Liss celebrated by staying out all night at the local high school grad night.  I pretty much stayed up all night too.  (inbetween sleeping bouts)

Collecting gifts & cards for the newly wedded couple and kind apologies from those who weren't able to attend the reception. (nice people)

TL performed his first wedding last night.
The baptism is today.
I'm giving a talk in said baptism today.
In Spanish.

The grandkiddies inaugurated the pool last week.
The littlest were blue.
The boys and mommy had a great time.
I haven't set a toe in it yet.
Cuz I'm a wimp.

Harvesting and preserving the fruits of the garden.
Some successes.
Some colossal failures.

The carpets in my living room and family room are clean.
But the windows and tile floors are disgustingly dirty.

Going to about the 7th wedding reception in a month tonight.
Two more next week, on the same night.
It's like a contagious disease, spreading rapidly.

Took advantage of one of my mother's day massages.
It was awesome.
Except why am I so sore the next day?

It was 100 for the first day last week.
Got the new umbrella for the pool-have yet to install it.
At least 4 more 100+ months to go.
I'm officially depressed now.

Took grandpa to the dr. last week.
It takes a village to take care of grandpa.
Thanks village-for helping out!
His Phoenix Suns are hanging in there.
Cross your fingers.

Getting Miss Liss ready for girls camp today.

Coping with the hormonal upheaval of the mid-life woman and all that it entails.
And that's about it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Steps

Happy First Birthday to our darling Vicks!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding: Part 2

Wednesday morning, the day before:
Delivery of fabulous hydrangeas, for the wedding luncheon.
They are still, at this moment, beautiful and sitting in vases in my kitchen!
Probably the funnest part of the whole event...
The girl's mani-pedi party!
Bride, Moms, Grandma, Aunts, Sister-in-laws.
All groomed and prettied up for the Big Day!
We even had a tiny bit of testosterone for the event....can you find him?
The Mr. & Mrs!
My pics are not great....
I'll post better ones from the photographer later...
Centerpieces for the luncheon.
I was sorta too busy to take good photos.....
I told someone we had peasant food
With elegant decorating....
The food was delish!!!
The happy couple, at the reception.
The location was AMAZING...
A local reception center called The Wright House.
My little girlies, in their wedding finery.
A.Mazing bouquet.
Very cute bridesmaid.
Shock & awe over the family group gift....
50" plasma TV.

Ok-blogger is giving me fits with dowloading pics.
Suffice to say, we made great memories.
It was a wonderful day.
And the newlyweds are off to begin their life.
By taking a short break on their honeymoon cruise.

Mom has scheduled her massage for this Thursday........

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding: Part 1

In chronological order:
First, the pre-wedding photo shoot the Sat. before. (the real photos turned out amazing).

Sat.....The story of the wedding dress. Although you may not see it, there was plenty on this dress....
I had to teach the groom that it is his responsibility to tote the dress around so it doesn't get dirty.
Sorry bout the terrible exposure.

So....bless her heart..the bride gets out of the car to meet her groom on the temple grounds and she gets tire grease on her dress....
Then dirt.
It  was about this time that a birdie decided to go make a doo-doo on the happy couple!
And then we have a sweaty groom's hands on the dress.
But.....Cute shoes make everything better.
And a magic potion that her mama used to clean it up just fine.
For the big day.
Part 2.

What!  didja think I was going to show everything today????

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Pardon me for a week while we pause to make memories and enjoy our son's wedding this Thursday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Alas, there is a tale of woe in the garden.
There is a blight in my tomato patch.
I had already yanked out one diseased-looking plant,
But decided to take a sample of the leaves to a garden expert.
He sadly shook his head.
I decided to get a second opinion.
His diagnosis was not much better.
But upon looking at my crestfallen face,
He said,
"well you could remove the diseased leaves, and paint on a clorox solution."
Try it and see.
Maybe it will work, maybe it won't.
I just finished an intensive gardening session.
With my surgical tools in hand.
And hope in my heart.....
I had to sacrifice one plant that was just too much of a goner...
And my little tomato brood looks pretty sparce.
So we'll just await and
Say a little prayer for my tomato patch..

So as not to leave on a downer note.....
The cukes are climbing and flowering, although they are susceptible to the same disease....

The corn is a-tasslin'.
Zucchini proliferates.
The bean patch is happy.
I'm drowning my sorrows with some baby beans for lunch today.
And some carrots......

And maybe a little hope.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grandma Gushing

So a few months back I was reading some article about how to make your blog better. I'm most definitely a failure in that department, but who cares, right?    Some of the suggestions were.....

Write frequently,   ummm..... well I try.
DON'T bore everyone with photos of your kids/grandkids....  pfft...well, too bad, I guess I'm a loser.

Because I'm going to showcase the kiddies today, so my mom can see their accomplishments!

Here's Cardon, pulling himself up! (he's already army crawling and has four teeth!)
Here's Andrew, up on all fours, leaping forward when he wants to move....
(he's working on teeth, not sure if the bottom ones have broken through)
Here's Victoria, standing on her own, starting to take a few tentative steps..
(P.S. I made her dress!)
Lil cousins.....
Sharing a little cousin love...
Was this worth the blood, sweat and tears?
Most definitely!
Made in the wedding colors.....aubergine and apple green!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Prom Night/Mother's Day/Fiesta/Missionary Call Weekend

The title says it all!

Saturday night, the princess getting ready for the ball with the assistance of her sister/hairdresser/makeup artist.
Leaving for the ball.
And coming home verrrry late.
But curfews are made to be broken on prom night....
I guess...
Five minutes later, at the church, being serenaded by the Mother's Day Mariachi Band
And I use that term loosely......
Enjoying the folklorico dances, eating yummy food, ALL prepared and served
by our men.
And then, for our entertainment,
They presented "Noche de las Estrellas."
(night of the stars)
There are absolutely no words.
In English or Spanish.
Suffice to say.
It was gut-busting laughter for about one hour straight...
My dear friend and counselor, Nancy.
Who would have thought that sisters could be born 10,000 miles apart?
This should have been called Grandmother's Day...
cuz I have no photos with me and my kids.

And of course our missionary phone call.
Which lasted for two hours.
I hope it wasn't against the rules.
We made him get off.
Because he wanted to find out what the final score of the Suns vs Spurs was going to be.
Suns won!

He's doing great.
Loving Alaska.
Did you know that he is on an island where there are more bears per square mile
than any other place in the world?

He sees wildlife on a daily basis.
He ate king crab one evening, freshly caught,
as big around as your wrist.

He thinks it's hot.
at 50 degrees.
He's going to have a rude awakening in about 1 1/2 years.

my other son is getting married in 9 days.
Am I ready?

Uh, no.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

"My Mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her."
George Washington

Happy Mother's Day to my own wonderful mother, my beautiful daughters and my other dear friends! May you have a clean house and happy children today!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Few Things Making Me Smile today which I Need Because I'm totally Exhausted

Some fav photos of my birthday girlie!
Who isn't officially 28 yet-not until after 10 pm tonight!

Changing it up a bit in the kitchen
Closeup view-love the new "organic look."
Flower pots in the back
Enjoying the garden
Cuz it's going to be fried in about two months.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Despedida de la Soltera


Farewell to the Single Girl.


Bridal Shower.

I just love that title, it's so descriptive and fun!

We went to one last night. For this girlie...

And I think the lack of estrogen in my menopausal brain is getting to me..

Because I forgot to take my camera!!!


But I made this for her:

And my other girlies contributed a bunch of recipes for a recipe book called

"Kierstie's Recipes from the New Fam"

of which I don't have a photo of.

So you'll just have to imagine the cuteness.

I told Steve after the party he is going to be very, very happy.

Not because of the cute lingerie.

But because they got TWO crockpots (one from moi)

And TWO waffle irons.

His joy will be complete.

And you will just have to imagine the cuteness of the decorations.
The deliciousness of the crepes.
The elegantly wrapped packages.
And the love showered forth.

Because I'm lame and I forgot my camera!