Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Life is Average

There is a web site called If you want to spend a few minutes, or hours, laughing and reading stories of average people, go there.

So this is my average week:

The last day of school was Thurs. Miss Liss celebrated by staying out all night at the local high school grad night.  I pretty much stayed up all night too.  (inbetween sleeping bouts)

Collecting gifts & cards for the newly wedded couple and kind apologies from those who weren't able to attend the reception. (nice people)

TL performed his first wedding last night.
The baptism is today.
I'm giving a talk in said baptism today.
In Spanish.

The grandkiddies inaugurated the pool last week.
The littlest were blue.
The boys and mommy had a great time.
I haven't set a toe in it yet.
Cuz I'm a wimp.

Harvesting and preserving the fruits of the garden.
Some successes.
Some colossal failures.

The carpets in my living room and family room are clean.
But the windows and tile floors are disgustingly dirty.

Going to about the 7th wedding reception in a month tonight.
Two more next week, on the same night.
It's like a contagious disease, spreading rapidly.

Took advantage of one of my mother's day massages.
It was awesome.
Except why am I so sore the next day?

It was 100 for the first day last week.
Got the new umbrella for the pool-have yet to install it.
At least 4 more 100+ months to go.
I'm officially depressed now.

Took grandpa to the dr. last week.
It takes a village to take care of grandpa.
Thanks village-for helping out!
His Phoenix Suns are hanging in there.
Cross your fingers.

Getting Miss Liss ready for girls camp today.

Coping with the hormonal upheaval of the mid-life woman and all that it entails.
And that's about it.


Reno said...

I don't know you in person but from reading your blog I'd say that you and your life aren't are above average.

Patrice said...

I jumped in the pool yesterday. Yikes! It was cold, but taking the all out plunge was the only way I was getting it.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sounds like you have an exceptional life to me!! How did your talk go?

I think I will try the pool on Monday--maybe. I usually wait until about the middle of June.

And about massages. Drink lots of water. It helps with being sore.

Amy said...

I LOVE My Life is Average! So hilarious! They have a group on facebook too.

Kerin said...

Good Morning Marilyn!!
I love reading about your 'average' life! It is your gorgeous smile and fantastic attitude that makes it a terrific above average life :)
Have a wonderful day!!

Momza said...

You? Average?? Hardly!!!
Spanish, and garden veddies, weddings, and baptisms, pool-time and babies--your life seems rich and full and heavenly! (even in 100+ degrees!)

RhondaLue said...

your life ain't average. It's EXCEPTIONAL. (exceptionally busy and full and hard but awesome.)

WOW. So what did you think of the High school grad ceremony? It's my first public school graduation that I've attended in years but it was...different.