Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding: Part 2

Wednesday morning, the day before:
Delivery of fabulous hydrangeas, for the wedding luncheon.
They are still, at this moment, beautiful and sitting in vases in my kitchen!
Probably the funnest part of the whole event...
The girl's mani-pedi party!
Bride, Moms, Grandma, Aunts, Sister-in-laws.
All groomed and prettied up for the Big Day!
We even had a tiny bit of testosterone for the event....can you find him?
The Mr. & Mrs!
My pics are not great....
I'll post better ones from the photographer later...
Centerpieces for the luncheon.
I was sorta too busy to take good photos.....
I told someone we had peasant food
With elegant decorating....
The food was delish!!!
The happy couple, at the reception.
The location was AMAZING...
A local reception center called The Wright House.
My little girlies, in their wedding finery.
A.Mazing bouquet.
Very cute bridesmaid.
Shock & awe over the family group gift....
50" plasma TV.

Ok-blogger is giving me fits with dowloading pics.
Suffice to say, we made great memories.
It was a wonderful day.
And the newlyweds are off to begin their life.
By taking a short break on their honeymoon cruise.

Mom has scheduled her massage for this Thursday........


Joy For Your Journey said...

The pictures are gorgeous! The bride is beautiful! And don't you just LOVE the Wright House? I have two nieces who had receptions there. They were both amazing.

Oh, and that mani-pedi party looks like too much fun!!

I am glad all went so well.

Julie said...

I thought grooms were only suppose to look at the bride like that on their wedding day. Love the expression!!!

Patrice said...

It was a wonderful day for us, too! Glad they liked the gift. If you need a second massage, just give me a call!

Momza said...

Could it have been any more perfect?
The right person
in the right place
at the right time...
beautiful all the way around!
Congratulations to the whole family!
I love your tradition of a "Family gift"...never heard of that before and I'm going to adopt it!

Da Bergs said...

oh my goodness, every thing looks gorgeous!!! I LOVE her flowers!!!

Nancy Face said...

I read both of your wedding posts and loved them! Beautiful flowers! Gorgeous wedding gown! (So sorry about the dirt and stuff that got on it!) Great decorations! Darling little girls! :)

I love The Wright House, too! So glad it was a wonderful occasion for the happy couple and for you! Hope you got that massage...