Monday, May 3, 2010


The other day I woke up and immediately began to panic because my son is getting married in three weeks!
He began packing up all his worldly goods last weekend. Their apartment is now theirs, although they're not moving in yet.......obviously.....

It's kinda weird.
My nest is emptying.
I know I've had four other kids leave the nest and fly away to begin lives of their own.
But this time it's a little harder.

Cuz before there were always so many others who needed attention.
That I barely skipped a beat when they left.
I kinda pined away for them while they were on their honeymoons.
But never.ever.never.ever call a kid on their honeymoon,
Just to check on them.
It just isn't done.

But now, I realize that my nest is a little emptier.
And a certain phase of my life is ending.
I used to take pride in my filled up bench
At church on Sundays.
Now it's just me and Miss Liss.

So it's a little strange and bittersweet.
And something I'm going to have to get used to.

I do have big plans for the spare bedroom.
Until the missionary gets home,
But not for a year and one-half.

Please don't hate me because we now have a family hairdresser.....
In 17 days!


Mari said...

And the announcements were so cute! I wish we were closer so we could come.
Super lucky with a hairdresser in the family now, btw!

Amy said...

That pic of Dad and Kierstie is so cute!!!
Don't worry mom, we'll always want some attention even though we don't live at your house anymore. :)
You can always count on us to come use your scrapbook stuff, eat your food, pack our pockets with the delicious granola bars you keep stocked up on, and terrorize your house with your many grandchildren.
No, I'm not making any announcements. I wish I was.

Jen said...

Anytime you want us to flood your house with people, just give me a call. :) Things are a-changin' for sure! Good stuff.

RhondaLue said...

AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm barely having my first child getting ready to fly away and its Killin' ME! I'll be super busy still so that's good (with the other 5 kids) but she's my sweet friend...Ohh sad day!

But how exciting for him and his new life. :)

Patrice said...

I AM jealous. Can I count as family?

Kerin said...

Good Morning Marilyn! I can see why panic has set in!
We have three children and with two of them on their missions at the same time, it felt like half of my family just disappeared all at once. Our youngest is expecting his mission call any second (most likely on Thurs.) and then all our kids will be gone! Wow.... where does the time go???
Take lots of pictures and share. At the rate kids are leaving around this house... I might have to do a wedding sooner than later :)
Have a fun day!

Allyson said...

Awww and so it begins...the beginning of empty nest. I have a feeling you will never truly be many kids and cute grandkids to entertain. I love that she is a hair dresser, so fun.

Nancy Face said...

"But never.ever.never.ever call a kid on their honeymoon,
Just to check on them.
It just isn't done."

Yep, I agree!

Okay...wanna know how foolish my kids are? BOTH Ty and Lauren called me almost every single day while on their respective honeymoons! Can you even believe that? I laughed at them and gave them a bad time, asking "What are you doing, calling YOUR MOM?!"

Hahahahaha! :D

On the other hand, the emptying nest thing is NOT funny! :(