Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lookie What I can Do!

Hey Super Grandma!
(our family term for great-grandma-or GGMA)
I'm a BIG boy!

Complete with my breakfast on my shirt!
(P.S. Mom this is Cardon)
(She can't keep up with all these babies!)


Kerin said...

Love the 'super grandma' term of endearment!
I'll have to remember that; if I ever get that far!
What a precious boy!!
What a blessing in your life!
Hope you have a great day!

Momza said...

Oh is he ever sweet! Babies rock my world!

Kassi Jane said...

what a big boy! he is just so cute!

GGMA said...

Yes I can. He has his mommy's eyes. What a cutie.

Jen said...

Go Cardon!!! So so cute! He is getting so big.

Patrice said...

Aaaaaah! When did he grow up?

Kerin said...

Oh Marilyn...
I would love to be in Arizona today. I would work out in the yard and take a trip over to Scottsdale to Trader Joes!
I remember when we lived in Chandler, we were swimming on Christmas day one year :)
Enjoy the gorgeous weather you are having :)