Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Rules for Myself

Thanks for the bloggy love. I really appreciate it.
I've made some rules for myself.
First-I've removed the "followers" thingie.

You know, I was stressing out keeping up with how many followers I have.
Ridiculous huh?
And looking at other people's blogs and thinking gee, they have more than me.
Ridiculous huh?
(I should have titled this post "confessions, part 2)

I had a FABULOUS discussion with my sis in Utah,
about scriptural stuff.
She shared some great insights from a class she is taking.
And she shared with me that comparison is a form of pride.
When we compare ourselves to others~
Whether we worry that we're not as good as they are,
Or think we're just a little bit better~
That's a form of pride.


The follower's tag is gone.
And all the other extraneous stuff.
Except of course my family!
Cuz they're definitely not extraneous.

And I'll blog when I feel like it.
Some weeks I may have lots.
Maybe not so much.

Sometimes my brain is percolating.
And sometimes it is like a sludge pond.

Hmm...maybe it's percolating today because I got some herbs from my naturopath yesterday~
No hot flashes at 4:00 am!
Woke up at 5:30!
Dry and feeling rested.....

So the thingie that was percolating in my brain this morning was...
Find beauty in the ordinary.
I was getting ready to clean the nasty dirty stove, swirled on some cleaner, walked away, turned back, and fell in love with the swirlie I made.........

The swirlie is gone now.
But at least my stove is clean.


Lisa said...

I'm glad you decided to keep blogging, I love your blog, it helps me keep up to date on you and your family! Hang in there!

RhondaLue said...

and a lovely swirly it was!

So, just for future reference...what were the herbs that made such a big difference?? I bet lots of women would love to know! (and I'll take note of it for the next few years!)

Julie said...

Glad you are still blogging. Hope you always find the beauty in the little things. Now I feel bad about complaining about the state of the cooktop this morning when I cleaned it :) I am going to be doing a lot of thinking about the followers thing too. I too always check that thingy...can be exciting or depressing...I envy people with lots of followers...ok I think it is gone too. Thanks.

Granny J said...

New Yrs Res in living color! Love your posts 'cause I'm in the same boat. Maybe our new motto could be "Sister, do you have another paddle?" ...after all we're headed in the same direction right?

Amy said...

Hooray for pretty swirlies!!!

Momza said...

Color me happy.
I would miss you if you disappeared.
I've been thinking about dropping the follower thingy too...
I can't believe people are interested in my lil blog anyway, ya know?
Clean ovens make me smile....swirlies or not.
Glad you're feeling better. Carry On, Carry On.

Patrice said...

I'm glad a little time and a few herbs put you back in the blogging world!

Jen said...

You are awesome.

Allyson said...

Won't you be glad when this wedding is over ---one less worry!

Just for the record, I enjoy your blog too. I find its difficult to do all the things we want to do...just not enough time!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I haven't blogged in two months and I have NO guilt. My blog is for me and my posterity if they ever want to get their fill on my opinion. :)

I was surprised a while back when asked to give a talk on being in the world and not of the world..that my study led me to one of the Ten Commandments...thou shalt not covet. Comparing is a form of coveting, which is also a form of pride.

I take pride that I am not a worldly person. I decided then and there that I would NOT compare myself any more.

And it was awesome because it took my pressure to blog like those other people completely away.

Where would we be without the gospel?

I loved your swirly too.

How about general was the BEST yet.

Jessica said...

mom you make me smile. Thanks :)

Suzie said...

I read these last 3 posts this morning. The thought came to me that when a woman like you decides to do something, she is going to do it right. Including blogging.
I admire that in someone, a great deal. Integrity in blogging!

But yes, I agree that it's alright to give yourself permission to do it as you want. With no obligation other than to enjoy it, remember us & be yourself!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Okay, the swirly thing totally made me smile. I think some of life's sweetest moments are when we suddenly and unexpectedly discover something appealing. As for your blog rules . . . I also understand that. I am actually toying with starting a new blog aimed mostly at family and will not have followers. I think this one kind of got a way from me. I always feel like I have to write for other people, and because there are a lot of people in my stake who read it, I have to be very careful about what I write. I am glad you aren't giving it up though. I always enjoy reading what you write.