Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Promise of A Harvest in My Back Yard

Things are positively bloomin' around here! With the heat, the spring/summer garden is gearing into action....
Grapes! I've been so busy-I haven't paid attention.....
First zucchini!  (sorry bout the blurry photo-having issues with the focus)

Corn tassels!
Yum, I can taste the tomatoes & fresh basil already!
Future jalapenos for some spicy salsa!
No blossoms in the bean patch just yet, but at least the birds are leaving them alone!
And finally the only blossoms that survive and thrive in the scorching summer heat, the lantana by the pool. They make me happy when I look outside from my air conditioned kitchen.


Kerin said...

Ahh! It makes my heart smile to see all your garden goodness!

Granny J said...

Tassels already....I'm impressed! We're getting antsy around here to get the garden least 3 more weeks. I think we may get snow this weekend, so there you go. ;/

GGMA said...

We may get snow also, rain is enough. Enjoy while you can.