Monday, April 19, 2010

The Weekend~

Pictorial of the weekend......
The "Mormon Prom"
Great fun-cute kids.
We got to attend since hubs is the branch prez.
And checking up on the YM/YW.
Great fun spying on them.    {giggle}
Saw lots of kids I know....

First harvest of spring/summer garden!
Teeny-weeny squashes.
But they were yummy!
Despedida-(farewell) for our former branch president.
LOVE LOVE LOVE these folks!
Impromptu speech-with five minutes advance notice.
(my Spanish speaking face-super goofy looking)
Gotta speak in church this Sunday....{sigh} more advance notice.

Not pictured:
Visit from the Brooks
Grocery shopping and menu planning
Teenage daughter doing chores for prom money
Hours of meetings Sunday
Yummy vegetarian Mexican salad
Tuxedo fittings
(dang it-shoulda brought camera-it was hilarious!)

The End


RhondaLue said...

How funny that you saw Desi there! I saw pics of your daughter but didn't know it was her! such a small world. Dangit, had I known you were going I would have made you spy on her for me. Ya know, take candid pics of her dancing, etc. LOL

Oh, and right now I have my comments on moderated status so you can send your email and I'll just reject it from posting. I totally get where you're coming from though!! I'm still not sure if I should just moderate or go private. I hate private blogs. we'll see.

Oh, and SUPER cute squash!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Looks like fun. So do you have a recipe for that yummy Mexican vegetarian salad?

Amy said...

You're cute, Mom. As always!
good luck on the talk!

Allyson said...

Can she really be dating? She looks lovely!

Patrice said...

I think your spanish sounds super . . . love it on your answering machine. See you this weekend!

Just ME the MOM said...

The teeny weeny squashes are beautiful - I bought my seeds! Does that count? It's finally warming up here and there's hope I may get the garden started soon :)


Momza said...

You always seem so busy busy do you do it all?
What's your secret??

Kerin said...

Hello there!
Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that I have been following your blog for ages.... long before I took the challenge from my daughter to start blogging myself!
We are sisters in the gospel, and I can relate to so many of your posts.
Although, I am jealous of your veggies! We live in central Utah and have just started getting a bit of warm weather. No, gardens yet.
I love that you have a missionary serving! We have two at this time and a third getting ready to go. We are SO in missionary mode at this time.
I want to post your blog on my blog list... I know a lot of my friends and family will enjoy reading your blog as much as I do.
Hope your having a great day, and I'll come visit again. :)

Kerin said...

Good Morning!
Just thinking about the warm weather that you are having....I remeber feeling like a melted ice cream cone in the summer, when we lived in AZ. We lived for a time in Chandler, and our daughter was born in Mesa.
We are expecting cold weather today, with lots of rain and a bit of snow perhaps. I just planted gobs of sunflowers, cosmos, daisies, and batchelor buttons, so I will welcome the rain...this time :)
Hope you have a great day, and do something fun!
p.s I would love to be able to play the piano! Hope your daughter enjoys the new piece.