Friday, April 2, 2010

Garden Tour

In these here parts, with the changing of the seasons, our thoughts to to the warm weather veggies. It's time to bid farewell to the fresh greens and peas. The peas have been torn out, allowing the tomatoes a little sunshine and the opportunity to grow and produce yummy tomatoes before the summer sun fries them. We've been working some of our homemade compost into the soil-with a little extra help from the storebought kind. The key to a good garden is GOOD SOIL. I'm learning this. The veggies taste better, are healthier and more robust. We still have a loooong way to go and lots to learn..........
Here's a little experiment I tried this year.
I need to pull it now, it's a little old but it has been so fun to trot out and grab some fresh
celery for salads and stir frys. Unfortunately this is another cold weather veggie I have to
say buh-bye to.....

Tomatoes seem happy.
Now that the covering of peas is gone.

Here's a volunteer guy that seems a little less happy.

Corn seems happy too-for now.

The third planting of Armenian cucumbers,
underneath the protective mesh.
Take that! You birdies....

First squash!
I know, I'm weird, but this was very exciting.
Funny, but the birds didn't eat this plant.
Do they feel the same way about squash as my kids do?

And all of a sudden the grapevines burst forth with new leaves.
They do this to me every year...
I worry and fret that I've killed them.
But they return again!

Isn't nature grand???

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