Friday, April 16, 2010

On Giving Birth

The Elder on the right is my boy.
Last Sat.
Thanks to a wonderful lady who helps take care of them...
He's having a birthday party tonight.
Far away from his native land of Arizona.

(See the snow by his feet? I would probably be shivering like crazy with a heavy coat-looks like his blood has thickened up)

Today is his 20th birthday.
I have one more teenager left.
(deep breath)

Thanks to him,
I learned that I could absolutely unconditionally
a new baby
without having to go through a lot of pain to get him here.
(The pain came after)

I kinda worried about that.
Because he was born by c-section.
I was afraid that I would love my child less.
Since I hadn't gone through the valley of the shadow....
to bring him here.

So not true.

He's loved
And cherished
Just as much as the ones
that got here
the same way
Mother Eve did it.

So if anyone out there
Is facing the same situation,
It's gonna be okay.


Momza said...

Well how sweet is that?!
So cool that you have participated in his bday all those miles apart!

Happy Birthday Elder!

RhondaLue said...

awwww...I'm so glad someone is throwing him a bday party! I'm sorry your baby boy is so far away...and yet glad for what he's doing. :)

Lori said...

can't believe he is 20, he is one of the younger cousins (that makes me feel old). Happy Birthday! He looks happy is gets to serve the Lord!