Friday, December 30, 2011

While I'm cleaning out the Pit of my House.....

Please enjoy the Christmas photos...
Christmas Day....all in readiness...waiting for those who had early church to come....
Grandma made name pillows for the kiddos.

This was an empty stocking last year....Glad to have him back with us!
The calm before the storm...
This little guy was hilarious. He got the complete football outfit. He's a proud Sun Devil! He's doing his pose for his future Heismann trophy.
The little one on the left looks so much like his daddy, it makes my heart melt every time I see him.
This Grandma was super busy in her Santa's workshop. Once I got started, I couldn't stop! No new aprons or jammies this year, but everyone got a new quilt.

And Santa even brought Grandma TOYS!!
On Christmas Eve, this guy was beside himself with joy, because he had missed out on our traditional fajita night for two years in a row.
And it seems like this gorgeous girlie never gets in the photos, cuz she's always behind the camera. (hmm sounds familiar)

I know, I know, I'm going backwards. That is how my brain is working these days.
This was Grandma's Christmas party- on the 23rd.
 First we made crafts.

 Then we decorated choo-choos.
This one likes to eat frosting more than decorate.
Lots of concentration.
And even though you can't see it, this mommy is ready to pop her baby out.

Now back to cleaning and purging and looking forward to a new year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Angel

Today is our angel's first birthday. This is the only photo I have of her living. I have others, but they are too personal and sacred to share publicly. Last year our hearts were broken, as she came and left us too quickly. It has been a difficult year, a year to learn and grow, and yet we have all had sacred cherished experiences with her to help us as we grieve.
Today we are gathering as a family here to remember her, never allow the other children to forget her and honor her short life upon this earth. We feel it a great privilege to have a pure and perfect and lovely soul be a part of our family.

And we have been given an extra special gift this 1st birthday of our angel.
Amy probably says it best......go see......

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From my herd of turtles to yours!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Christmas!

Holy Cow! It's been a month! So I present a pictorial review of the last month---
We had Thanksgiving.
Food, glorious food!! It's the beginning of the time where we are always obsessing over food.
 This wise guy got in trouble with me!
C's extra creamy mashed potatoes....with plenty of butter and cream!

We had our Alaska boy home to decorate this year!! Alyssa likes to decorate the minute after Thanksgiving and my guys were a HUGE help.
We went caroling for our Relief Society activity and met back at my house. It doesn't look like my house is very festive, but believe me....we are decked to the halls!

Branch Christmas party.  The Primary is always a big hit.
One of the highlights of this season has been the sealing of this beautiful family. What a wonderful memory!

There's lots not pictured cuz this Grandma is too busy to take photos....lots of Santa's workshop stuff!
I'm getting ready for the grandkid's party this Friday and then Christmas Eve!!

If I don't get back on before Christmas, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!