Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's done! It's done!

Photo: It's done! It's done! So cute I could die. Gotta make some pillows now!

I have been obsessing over this quilt for the past several weeks. I finally finished binding it yesterday. It's so cute I could die!!  I've set a goal to redo our extra room into a playroom for the grandkids and this was part of the decor.  I'm going to get some colorful pillows to go with it.

I've been hibernating because I'm having a issues. I had to have a hysterosonogram a couple of weeks ago, looking for something growing inside and ever since the exam I have felt really screwed up. So after weeks of pain I finally went back to the doctor and I have a raging infection which I feel was caused by the exam. (Look it up-I really don't want to explain what it is)  It's taken me days to feel better and I still don't feel normal. I'm headed to see a specialist tomorrow to see taking out the little thing growing inside. Nope-it's not a baby.  That factory shut down years ago.

Hibernating at home helps you get things DONE-albeit slowly, but DONE!

Friday, February 15, 2013

One Fact this Friday

Okay-so I'm a fabric-holic. I'm obsessed with fabric, always have been. Running my hands over some bolts of soft cottons makes me suuuppper happy. (weird I know)  I wasn't able to do any sewing for many years because I was too busy working and raising my family and having a busy church calling but now that I have a little more spare time-(yikes I may be jinxing myself for saying that)  I'm renewing my joy and passion for sewing.

One of the reasons is this little baby......
My old machine (it really wasn't that old!) was driving me crazy. I had it in the shop about six times in the last six months. I finally gave up on it just before my birthday in November (well, isn't THAT a coincidence!!) It's a Janome 8900 and it has a large harp (the space between the needle and the case on the right side).  It is HEAVEN to machine quilt with-the main reason why I bought it. I smile every time I use it. Worth every pretty penny-(hack hack)
I found this in my Christmas stocking and it is super fun! A tiny little iron to use when I'm piecing, and making...
Barbie clothes! I decided to make this little one a matching skirt for her Barbie for her birthday this year. It was hysterically funny to make them. I had an audience of daughters while I was sewing and we were Squealing and giggling the whole time at how cute they were. I made a couple other outfits for Miss Barbie too. I envision some more Barbie clothes in the future! Note-Barbie clothes are harder than regular sized clothes!, smaller seams, smaller sizes, etc.
This is a quilt top I made for my oldest grandson's 10th birthday.  He went with me to pick fabrics and are a little interesting.......I had to give him some guidance on that one but I used fleece for the backing and it was wonderfully soft and cozy and comfy.
This is a top I just finished. It's kind of a retro-50ish fabric. I know the lighting is horrific! My mom had cross-stitched some growth charts....
So I used the colors in them as a guide for the fabrics I picked for the quilt. These are going in the new playroom for the grandkids. Retro themed-I'm really excited.  I'm going to have an unveiling party with the grandkids around Easter, I think. (if I have a goal date-it will get DONE!!)
And I found these little cuties on line, on sale!!  It's for grandbaby #14 coming in June. Can you guess what it is?????
Here's how they told me......
And we've got another little person coming in August. Dang-that means I have more sewing to do!! and FABRIC shopping!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wow! Three Months?

I can't believe it has been three months since I last blogged. Since then my life has had huge changes. I've toyed with the idea of giving up the blog, but I keep thinking about it, and it's a way for me to keep touch with long distance family. So I thought I would do a pictorial review of the last three months.
We buried my momma on October 6, 2012. This image is burned into my brain and it's when I cried because I saw her beautiful grandsons lovingly carrying her to her final resting place in Logan, Utah, surrounded by her ancestors that she loved so much.
Afterwards, we went to the historic Bluebird Restaurant to eat lunch. It was so amazing because my grandfather played in a band there and I loved feeling the history that had gone on there. Most of my cousins and ALL of my children and grandchildren were there. We spent a couple of hours eating, grieving and laughing over stories of my mom.
And then, before I knew it, my baby was married! It was a beautiful day with a wonderful spirit.
She is wearing my mother's wedding dress that is over 55 years old. My sister and I found it in my mom's closet and I wanted Alyssa to wear it to her wedding luncheon. We had a crisis the night before though, and I had to dash to Joann's to buy a new zipper for it. Whew! It is an amazing dress and quite the fashion now!
And after four years of serving, I was released as Relief Society president in the Tierra Rica Spanish branch. It was an amazing experience but it was time for a change.  I love my sisters with all my heart and I'm now serving as a family history consultant.

And it seemed like five minutes later.......It was CHRISTMAS!!!!!! (I'm missing one of my peeps here, Amy & Bret with their little guy, not sure where those pics went!)
This photo epitomizes the excitement and joy at Christmas time. I just loved it!
And before I knew it, we were celebrating a new year........

Life has changed dramatically. I'm now a college student in the BYU Idaho Pathway program, starting the (seemingly eternal) process of getting my bachelor's degree. I've spent some time healing and resting from the  past few months, even the past few years. More changes are ahead too......we've got some more grandbabies coming along, but of course I can't spill ALL the beans in one post!