Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Harvest

French breakfast radishes.
The green beans are starting to bud. I'm a tad worried that we may not get too many this year because I was so late in planting the seeds. These are purple beans!
"We go together like peas 'n carrots."  (name that movie)
This is the first year I've had great success sprouting carrots.  Someone gave me the secret....lean close and I'll share it.
When planting, you mix the seeds with some sand, then sprinkle a little sand over the seeds. In our heavy clay soil here, it is difficult for the seeds to break through, so I made it easier for them this year. It worked!
And this is also the first year I have had great success in sprouting spinach! Again, I followed the secret advice of another gardener. She told me to "buy the big package of spinach seeds at A&P Nursery, soak them in water and then spread them out while planting."  It worked! (I realize that the big bag of spinach seeds doesn't help anyone reading this in Oregon or Africa, but I'm sure there is a variety that works in your neck of the woods-I think the secret is soaking ahead of time)
So lest you think all my garden is a huge success, this is a new bed for me. We yanked out all the grapevines and this is a new planter bed. Not all of the seeds sprouted here. Not sure why, maybe the water? My hoses in this bed aren't the greatest.

So that's part of the good old garden this year. Looking forward to eating lots of fresh salads!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Posting on Facebook is really much Easier than Blogging

I've been thinking about writing for a few days, but time always gets away from me. Somehow it's easier to post on fb the random doings of my days. Here's a sampling:

Earlier today:

"Just finished making the cookie dough for the grandkid's Halloween party tomorrow and I couldn't resist dipping my finger into the creamed sugar and butter before all the rest of the ingredients were added.....Ahhh-a match made in heaven-real butter and sugar creamed together."

The cookies are all done now and I'm wondering why mine don't look all perfect and smooth. They are lumpy and puffy in places and sort of a distorted shape. Maybe that's what pumpkins look like in real life???


"Daniel J. Larsen just informed me that his most favorite soup in the world is the Sausage, Potato and Kale soup I made last night. It has KALE in it people! He even ate the green stuff! Prob one of the most nutritious greens in the world. (maybe it is because it has lots of cream in it too)"

The soup was SO delish. I have to give daughter, Jessica, the credit for finding it on Pioneer Woman. Go search for it.....


"Oh my gosh! I just got splatted in the face by a raindrop!"

Yes, I think it's finally cooling off....and no, it was really a raindrop, not some random bird flying by because I got hit by some other raindrops. (People who don't live in the desert may think this is very strange.)

Sunday night:

"I'm totally exhausted now but what a great day it was! Got to go to two meetings with President Julie B. Beck, general Relief Society president! She speaks great Spanish!"

I had a 12-hour day that day, but the meetings were amazing. And if you haven't read your book, "Daughters in My Kingdom" yet, RUN, don't walk and get started.  She told the Spanish sisters that this would be "a Liahona in their homes." I believe it. We are still anxiously awaiting the Spanish version.

And as soon as I download the photos, you can see what I harvested first out of my fall garden........

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflections during an Early Morning Walk

The time has arrived in my desert southwest where we all begin to slowly emerge from our summer hibernation, like sleepy bears after a long winter, albeit ours is summer's fury.....

The early mornings are pleasant for walking outside again. I ventured out again today just as the sun was peeping over the edge of the neighbor's roof.

I live in suburba, surrounded by concrete and asphalt and neatly plotted sections for each homeowner, except that some of my neighbor's plots aren't so neat, due to the lack (or blessing) of a HOA in my area. In addition, living in the desert means that unless you are connected to a dripper hose or sprinkler head, everything is brown, brown, brown.

As I listened to my upbeat Owl City music on itunes, I strided through my neighborhood this morning and these were my thoughts.....

There is a large cactus that I love passing by in the fall and spring. It blooms giant creamy, white flowers. The trick is to pass it early enough to see them, because they die in the sunshine. I got there early enough!

In the midst of my taupe-colored neighborhood, there has emerged a guacamole colored home (again, no HOA). It stands out like a sore thumb. Not sure of the thinking of the homeowners, but I admire them for their bravery (audacity?).

I noticed the stony faces of the people in their cars, on their way to brave the early-morning freeway traffic. I wonder what they are thinking. Does my face look stony on my morning walk today?

And why do people drive Harley's? I mean no ill-will but the dang things are SO noisy!

I smell the scent of someone's morning cigarette. Ug, I feel sorry for them to be addicted to a habit that drives them to wake up early to partake. I smell someone else's coffee and pancakes. (the smell of coffee and bacon reminds me of my grandma's house. The scent makes me smile)

I arrive home, stretch out these old, tight muscles and begin my day (it takes a LOT OF WORK getting older-but that's a topic for another blog post.....)

Random reflections on an early-morning walk.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am a Crappy Blogger

I have to face facts.
I am a crappy blogger.
I have a terrible time documenting my life. Every time I hear a talk about the joys of journaling, I guiltily slink down further into my seat. I don't know why I don't document/write/journal. I know that someday my posterity may be slightly interested in what I had to say, because I am completely fascinated by anything my ancestors had to say.

Maybe I am in denial that I am mortal?????

Hmmmmm, a deep question that I don't have time to ponder at this moment.

My problem is that I "feel" I have to have an interesting photo every time I post and it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to download photos to Blogger........

Ahhh, maybe that's the reason I'm a crappy blogger rather than the more ponderous thoughts of being mortal........

So.....sans photo.....I'll tell you what I am up to today.

Basically I don't have a car much these days, since I'm sharing my transportation with the newly returned missionary who is trying to get his life in order.....or return back to the Gentile life.....

So today I decided to cut back the jungle of basil that is growing in my front yard and try out the never-used-before dehydrator and dry me up some fresh herbs to be used in future spagetti sauce.  It is currently humming away in my pantry.

I'm going with Jessica (in her car) to help her register for her baby shower. She is 7 months pregnant!! I can't seem to grasp this idea. We are hosting a baby shower for her in a couple of weeks.

I'm consumed with that fact as well as my Grandma Halloween party next week, the sewing projects waiting for me and the various and sundry duties of being a Relief Society president.

So that's life in a nutshell. I'm going to try to document this life a little better, with the occasional downloaded photo.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scenes from a Conference Weekend

I had lots of extra hands working in the garden in between Saturday sessions.
It was good to have the extra help.
Along with lots of advice from the peanut gallery.
This was so cute, I had to post it.
My new kitchen helper, cooking bacon for Sunday morning conference brunch with protection from the grease splatters.
With 10 grandchildren running around during the sessions, one must always be diligent. You never know where they are going to end up!
Demonstrating his ability to do push ups with claps in between. (lots of entertainment in between sessions)
I don't need to say a word about this one.........