Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Harvest

French breakfast radishes.
The green beans are starting to bud. I'm a tad worried that we may not get too many this year because I was so late in planting the seeds. These are purple beans!
"We go together like peas 'n carrots."  (name that movie)
This is the first year I've had great success sprouting carrots.  Someone gave me the secret....lean close and I'll share it.
When planting, you mix the seeds with some sand, then sprinkle a little sand over the seeds. In our heavy clay soil here, it is difficult for the seeds to break through, so I made it easier for them this year. It worked!
And this is also the first year I have had great success in sprouting spinach! Again, I followed the secret advice of another gardener. She told me to "buy the big package of spinach seeds at A&P Nursery, soak them in water and then spread them out while planting."  It worked! (I realize that the big bag of spinach seeds doesn't help anyone reading this in Oregon or Africa, but I'm sure there is a variety that works in your neck of the woods-I think the secret is soaking ahead of time)
So lest you think all my garden is a huge success, this is a new bed for me. We yanked out all the grapevines and this is a new planter bed. Not all of the seeds sprouted here. Not sure why, maybe the water? My hoses in this bed aren't the greatest.

So that's part of the good old garden this year. Looking forward to eating lots of fresh salads!!


Amy said...

I'm shocked.... I can't name that movie!!

Laugh it up, Mama. You got me.

Kerin said...

Each Fall as we put our garden beds to rest, I think about you and your Fall garden. How wonderful to be able to keep growing. Just goes to prove, that there is something wonderful about each place in this gorgeous world. I remember hating the intense heat in Chandler in the summer... but just about now, I'm willing to trade winter for some Az. sunshine :)
Have a beautiful day!