Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Posting on Facebook is really much Easier than Blogging

I've been thinking about writing for a few days, but time always gets away from me. Somehow it's easier to post on fb the random doings of my days. Here's a sampling:

Earlier today:

"Just finished making the cookie dough for the grandkid's Halloween party tomorrow and I couldn't resist dipping my finger into the creamed sugar and butter before all the rest of the ingredients were added.....Ahhh-a match made in heaven-real butter and sugar creamed together."

The cookies are all done now and I'm wondering why mine don't look all perfect and smooth. They are lumpy and puffy in places and sort of a distorted shape. Maybe that's what pumpkins look like in real life???


"Daniel J. Larsen just informed me that his most favorite soup in the world is the Sausage, Potato and Kale soup I made last night. It has KALE in it people! He even ate the green stuff! Prob one of the most nutritious greens in the world. (maybe it is because it has lots of cream in it too)"

The soup was SO delish. I have to give daughter, Jessica, the credit for finding it on Pioneer Woman. Go search for it.....


"Oh my gosh! I just got splatted in the face by a raindrop!"

Yes, I think it's finally cooling off....and no, it was really a raindrop, not some random bird flying by because I got hit by some other raindrops. (People who don't live in the desert may think this is very strange.)

Sunday night:

"I'm totally exhausted now but what a great day it was! Got to go to two meetings with President Julie B. Beck, general Relief Society president! She speaks great Spanish!"

I had a 12-hour day that day, but the meetings were amazing. And if you haven't read your book, "Daughters in My Kingdom" yet, RUN, don't walk and get started.  She told the Spanish sisters that this would be "a Liahona in their homes." I believe it. We are still anxiously awaiting the Spanish version.

And as soon as I download the photos, you can see what I harvested first out of my fall garden........


Amy said...

I like it when you post on Facebook too.

Kerin said...

Wow you have been a busy girl. Loved the soup comment!
I don't facebook.... but I hear from my kids how great it is. I guess I'm still stuck in the stone ages a little bit. Heck... I felt pretty tech. smart about blogging and having an email :)

Momza said...

We're up to 8" of snow today...I laughed at your "rain drop" moment.
Ahh such is life in the desert, eh?

theBYUtool said...

I know what you mean. When blogging it has to have substance and it takes a long time for me to write it out. But on FB I can write one sentence, and nobody cares if it isn't very profound.

Your soup sounds good. Is it like the one they make at Olive Garden?