Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflections during an Early Morning Walk

The time has arrived in my desert southwest where we all begin to slowly emerge from our summer hibernation, like sleepy bears after a long winter, albeit ours is summer's fury.....

The early mornings are pleasant for walking outside again. I ventured out again today just as the sun was peeping over the edge of the neighbor's roof.

I live in suburba, surrounded by concrete and asphalt and neatly plotted sections for each homeowner, except that some of my neighbor's plots aren't so neat, due to the lack (or blessing) of a HOA in my area. In addition, living in the desert means that unless you are connected to a dripper hose or sprinkler head, everything is brown, brown, brown.

As I listened to my upbeat Owl City music on itunes, I strided through my neighborhood this morning and these were my thoughts.....

There is a large cactus that I love passing by in the fall and spring. It blooms giant creamy, white flowers. The trick is to pass it early enough to see them, because they die in the sunshine. I got there early enough!

In the midst of my taupe-colored neighborhood, there has emerged a guacamole colored home (again, no HOA). It stands out like a sore thumb. Not sure of the thinking of the homeowners, but I admire them for their bravery (audacity?).

I noticed the stony faces of the people in their cars, on their way to brave the early-morning freeway traffic. I wonder what they are thinking. Does my face look stony on my morning walk today?

And why do people drive Harley's? I mean no ill-will but the dang things are SO noisy!

I smell the scent of someone's morning cigarette. Ug, I feel sorry for them to be addicted to a habit that drives them to wake up early to partake. I smell someone else's coffee and pancakes. (the smell of coffee and bacon reminds me of my grandma's house. The scent makes me smile)

I arrive home, stretch out these old, tight muscles and begin my day (it takes a LOT OF WORK getting older-but that's a topic for another blog post.....)

Random reflections on an early-morning walk.


Kerin said...

What a great time to ponder and think about the day.
I love that quiet time on the day.
Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Oh... I agree with you on the 'Harley' thing. They are so noisy!

GGMA said...

Getting older? The best is yet to come.

Amy said...

I like these kinds of posts. The randomness is fun.
Wish I was walking with you! I miss those days.

Ha ha, Grandma's comment is so cute. Love that lady.