Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's done! It's done!

Photo: It's done! It's done! So cute I could die. Gotta make some pillows now!

I have been obsessing over this quilt for the past several weeks. I finally finished binding it yesterday. It's so cute I could die!!  I've set a goal to redo our extra room into a playroom for the grandkids and this was part of the decor.  I'm going to get some colorful pillows to go with it.

I've been hibernating because I'm having a issues. I had to have a hysterosonogram a couple of weeks ago, looking for something growing inside and ever since the exam I have felt really screwed up. So after weeks of pain I finally went back to the doctor and I have a raging infection which I feel was caused by the exam. (Look it up-I really don't want to explain what it is)  It's taken me days to feel better and I still don't feel normal. I'm headed to see a specialist tomorrow to see taking out the little thing growing inside. Nope-it's not a baby.  That factory shut down years ago.

Hibernating at home helps you get things DONE-albeit slowly, but DONE!


Marion McClellan said...

What the HECK? I am so sorry :( I have a spare bedroom. You can come sleep here and I will make you soup :)

Shelley said...

The quilt is beautiful! Hope you feel better soon! Feeling yucky is the worst.

Hugs! :)

Reno said...

The quilt is beautiful. And I also hope that you recuperate quickly.

Lisa said...

Love the quilt! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. :( I love ya and hope you feel better soon!

Momza said...

I love that you stay busy in your corner of the world, even when things aren't perfect. You inspire me, Marilyn. Thanks!