Monday, March 4, 2013

Running fools.....

I have produced some amazing women, if I do say so myself! Unfortunately I don't have this fabulous picture in my computer files, so I had to take a picture of the one hanging in my house....
This last couple of weeks two of them have set high goals and accomplished them!
For the last two years we have participated in Ethan's Run, a benefit race for children with heart defects. They didn't hold it this year because the main organizer was expecting a baby and needed to take care of herself! So Amy organized her own mini "Ella's Run," her own personal goal of running 5K  oops, I stand corrected!  10K!!!!  for the first time. She enlisted her buddy, Leigh, to be her moral support. (Leigh just finished completed her first half marathon!)  So we dressed up in our Ella Ladybug shirts a couple of Saturdays ago, and cheered on our girl!
She did it!!!
Last Saturday Jen completed her first marathon!! We went to cheer her on at mile 17, she was overcome with emotion seeing us cheer her on!!
We ran ahead to the finish line to cheer her but unfortunately my iphone didn't get the picture I wanted!!!
It was incredible to see the emotion on her face as she approached the finish line. She "hit the wall" at mile 20 and wasn't sure she was going to make it.  She arrived 4 hours and 45 minutes after she started.  Her first words were, "I'm NEVER doing this again! It was the HARDEST thing I've ever done!"
Here she is after a brief bit of recovery. And after a few weeks of recovery, I'm sure she will be planning her next marathon!

I'm super proud of these girls. Jessica was planning on running the half this year, but instead she's growing a baby!!!

Way to go girlies!


Momza said...

You have every reason to be proud of your girls! Congrats to Amy AND Jessica!

Amy said...

I think we're pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

But Mom, I ran a 10k that day. Not a 5k. I run 5k a couple times a week. :D

Connie said...

I have just been reading through your posts and realize how much I have missed! I'm so sorry about your sweet mother. That's got to be so hard. Even though we know where our loved ones are and we know the plan, it's still heart breaking! I hope you're doing better.
Congratulations to your daughters! Wow! I know how hard it is to run a marathon. I ran my first one last year but it took me an hour longer than your daughters! (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact I'm old!) It is a very emotional and humbling experience to cross that finish line and see your loved ones cheering you on and waiting for you.
You've been busy sewing some fun things! And congrats on getting another grand baby soon! We'll be having #14 in 3 weeks! Exciting times!
I'm glad I got semi caught up with you. Good luck with everything!