Friday, March 22, 2013

My-O-My Five Facts for Friday

I've been wanting to resume my five facts, but somehow I think too much and do too little about it! So here goes.....


My-O-My.  Or rather myomectomy. My new medical term for today. It means that the surgery I had Monday that was SUPPOSED to be a polypectomy turned into a myomectomy, which is normal regular language means that what they thought was a polyp that they could snip off turned out to be a fibroid, which took longer and a little more digging to get out, ugh, that last phrase just gave me the shivers.  Which is good news because fibroids are almost never cancerous. So that little worry that's been bugging me since November is resolved.  Now if I can just FEEL better. For some reason, since it was JUST an outpatient procedure, I thought I would bounce back by the next day.  Not.  I feel actually like I just had a baby, all that soreness, well, er.....down under.....and cramping.....and weeping. Except I don't have a baby to play with or rather, I can sleep all night and recover.  Husband took a nicely unflattering picture of me in my garb which I hope will never see the light of day.


My darling sweet peas are starting to bloom.  I've been digging in the garden (prior to Monday) and getting things going for the spring/summer.  I just haven't had time to take pics yet. The weather has been so weird.  We had some really cold days for about a week, then last week it went into the 90s, and now it's going back down to the 70s (for only a couple of days-waaaah)  My poor plants are thoroughly confused, as is the gardener.

Doing the preparedness thang..... I've got a new ceramic top cookstove and I didn't want to risk cracking it so we tried pressure canning our beans outside.  It worked perfectly!  Jessica came over and learned how easy it is to do.  Thanks Lacey!! I think I will be cooking out here a lot more this summer.

Spent a couple of days with Jen helping her make curtain panels for her living room. We did another window on another day.  Words cannot express how amazing this fabric is. I am super jealous and I may copy her! It's hard to see the colors but it is amazing how much warmer and cozy her room feels with the curtain panels.  See, those designers that you see on HGTV are RIGHT!

Been working on a couple of other sewing projects but I'm too lazy/tired/unmotivated to take pictures of them yet.  (hint-it involves baby quilts!)

Here's a little Target love for ya'.  I found these ginormous gallon sized Mason jars and snapped every one of them up. I went back and got a couple more later.  So if you are looking for gallon sized Mason jars in Mesa, AZ, sorry, I'm the one that bought the store out a couple of weeks ago.  They are currently residing in my pantry filled with pastas.  The pantry is a reorganization project in progress.....(it seems like there is always something in progress)

I've got a bazillion other little projects in progress but I'm having to take a short break MY-O-MY, and hopefully will be on the mend and feeling normal in a few days.


Marion McClellan said...

Fun times :) I hope you are able to rest up and recover soon :) 2-5 sound like great fun! I love cooking/canning out side on our camp chef. I do all of our canning outside now. Party on the patio! xoxo

Reno said...

Recover well and quickly!

Granny J said...

I think you are amazingly productive in your down time! Wishing you a full, quick recovery too. I have lost my voice due to allergies so am free from phone convos! I did answer one yesterday and decided not to do that again unless I know who is calling. The man didn't know whether to call the police and send help or not! ha, ha!

Momza said...

Being entwined in my own life, I somehow missed this blog--I hope by now you are feeling better, n' that your gardening issues are resolved, you've had time to do the things that you love and all is well, all is well.!

Reno said...

I was just thinking about you and hoping that things are going well for you. When you get ready to blog again, I'll be here waiting!