Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Prom Night/Mother's Day/Fiesta/Missionary Call Weekend

The title says it all!

Saturday night, the princess getting ready for the ball with the assistance of her sister/hairdresser/makeup artist.
Leaving for the ball.
And coming home verrrry late.
But curfews are made to be broken on prom night....
I guess...
Five minutes later, at the church, being serenaded by the Mother's Day Mariachi Band
And I use that term loosely......
Enjoying the folklorico dances, eating yummy food, ALL prepared and served
by our men.
And then, for our entertainment,
They presented "Noche de las Estrellas."
(night of the stars)
There are absolutely no words.
In English or Spanish.
Suffice to say.
It was gut-busting laughter for about one hour straight...
My dear friend and counselor, Nancy.
Who would have thought that sisters could be born 10,000 miles apart?
This should have been called Grandmother's Day...
cuz I have no photos with me and my kids.

And of course our missionary phone call.
Which lasted for two hours.
I hope it wasn't against the rules.
We made him get off.
Because he wanted to find out what the final score of the Suns vs Spurs was going to be.
Suns won!

He's doing great.
Loving Alaska.
Did you know that he is on an island where there are more bears per square mile
than any other place in the world?

He sees wildlife on a daily basis.
He ate king crab one evening, freshly caught,
as big around as your wrist.

He thinks it's hot.
at 50 degrees.
He's going to have a rude awakening in about 1 1/2 years.

my other son is getting married in 9 days.
Am I ready?

Uh, no.


Momza said...

I am laughing over here...what a whirlwind life you have, Marilyn.
You definitely have an exciting world. So happy you got to speak to your missionary! The bears: person ratio is unnerving. hope he's got some bear spray.
The prom date was lovely.
The grandkids are adorable.
The ward party puts ours to shame.
and a wedding in 9 days is the only thing that makes me glad I'm not you.
I hope you get a nap in somewhere.

Kerin said...

Hi Marilyn :)
Sounds like another wonderful week around your home:)
Your daughter is lovely and her dress is adorable. Sounds like she was pampered by her sister.... hair and makeup -- WOW!
Your party also looks like it was a blast!
So wonderful that you could spend time with your grandkids and they sure do love you (I can tell)!
Missionary calls are the BEST ! We got to talk to both of our missionaries... love to hear their voices, but it makes me miss them even more :)
Best of luck with all the wedding preps. You will be so busy, you will meet yourself coming and going!
Have a great day today, hope it's a fun one>

kristie said...

Sounds like a very full and fun weekend. I can't believe it is only 9 days till Steve is married. I remember him as a baby.

Allyson said...

Sounds like a wonderful mother's day!!!

Patrice said...

I need to take a deep breath just reading your blog! What a wonderful, beautiful life you have!