Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding: Part 1

In chronological order:
First, the pre-wedding photo shoot the Sat. before. (the real photos turned out amazing).

Sat.....The story of the wedding dress. Although you may not see it, there was plenty on this dress....
I had to teach the groom that it is his responsibility to tote the dress around so it doesn't get dirty.
Sorry bout the terrible exposure.

So....bless her heart..the bride gets out of the car to meet her groom on the temple grounds and she gets tire grease on her dress....
Then dirt.
It  was about this time that a birdie decided to go make a doo-doo on the happy couple!
And then we have a sweaty groom's hands on the dress.
But.....Cute shoes make everything better.
And a magic potion that her mama used to clean it up just fine.
For the big day.
Part 2.

What!  didja think I was going to show everything today????


Patrice said...

She is beautiful. Please share with us the "magic cleaning potion." I am sure with six daughters I will have to use it too!

Kerin said...

Gorgeous couple!
The smiles say it all.
They are happy and blessed!!

We are awaiting the Dr. office to open. Hoping they have answers to why our Spencer is sick.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
We got snow! Be glad you are where it is warm :)