Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Larry

Larry is the latest addition to our family.
We have this type of person living at our house when your daughter is studying anatomy & physiology.
Poor Larry lost his head to another student, in the throes of intense skull study.
I put a winter hat from Alaska on his poor headless body.
Don't know how long he will be with us.
Do you think he could scare a criminal?
Not sure, tho he sure scares the grandkids.

P.S. I have been assured by the above-mentioned daughter that this is not a real person-rather a plastic reproduction of a real person.......


Momza said...

Doesn't look like he'll eat much, so I think Larry will be a good guest.

Amy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha hahaha!!

I love it. The winter hat is priceless.
And yes, I think he will scare robbers. Too bad his head is gone, you could have him sitting in one of the chairs with his head facing the window. Creepy!!

Granny J said...

My grands would be taking him apart and piecing him back together! I can think of so many pranks Larry could participate in...oh my!