Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Known Facts of our Trip of Which I did Not post Yesterday

Deciding that we would rather not pay the $20 a day for internet service, I took my wifi "hot spot" to use for the internet. About the 3rd day, we got a call from one of TL's business partners inquiring if we had our hot spot in the Bahamas. Apparently it was on roaming mode and our bill was up to $6000.
Needless to say, the hot spot got turned off and the $20 a day seemed much more reasonable.
Verizon did adjust the bill.

On Thursday, I got an email stating that our alarm company had received a message that our fire alarm had gone off. About 3 minutes later, I got a CALL from the alarm company stating that they were sending the fire department.  After about 5 minutes of sheer terror, we finally got ahold of the neighbor next door. The painter was there finishing off the cabinets with varnish and he forgot to cover the fire alarm before he sprayed.
{sigh of relief}

We actually left a day early, flew to Miami and stayed in a hotel on Biscayne Bay. Boy, am I glad we did. We decided to rent a car and go investigate South Beach.
Ummmm.... yea.... We are definitely not party people. It took over 45 minutes to go a few blocks on South Beach. We finally found a fairly quiet restaurant to have dinner.  You could hear the thump-thump-thump of the music all over the place.  I was glad we got to sleep in a nice quiet hotel.

And, by the way, DUTY-FREE does not mean CHEAP. TL saw a beautiful necklace and told the shopkeeper to put it on me.  After hearing the price I said, Take it off, take it off, take it off!!  The price $35,000!

We got to fly on a prop plane on the way over. I about freaked out when I saw it but it was fine. Even though it was very windy, we had less turbulence on the flights from Miami to Nassau than we did from Miami to Dallas...... I kept thinking about Elder Uchtdorff's talk on turbulence in the middle of all that.

I ate more fried food in one week than I've eaten for the last two years.
I've become addicted to pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris.  Yummmmm. All non-alcoholic of course.
They call the drinks "leaded" and "unleaded."  I'll let you figure out which is which.

We ate lots of conch (pronounced "konk")  It is the animal that lives inside the beautiful pink shell.  We ate fried conch, cracked conch, conch salad, conch fritters and conch chowder. I think I'm maxed out on conch........

We spent more time on the internet, reading books and watching movies than I have for the past year also. It was just too uncomfortable to go outside much. There was so much water everywhere that it was blowing sideways and we were blowing sideways. But it was a much more restful vacation than others..

Okay, that's probably enough about the Bahamas.....


Jessica said...

Most of this post wasnt about the Bahamas mama ;) (sorry had to say mama because it just sounds good rolling off the tongue...bahama mama har har har)

Momza said...

I was born and raised in Miami...but you couldn't pay me to live there again. It's not even close to the same place it was when I was a kid.
I do, however, most definitely miss the beaches on the Atlantic side of Florida. There's just so many people there, it's hardly the paradise it was when I was a kid.
Glad you had some memorable times tho--that's what vacations are for, right? And to remind us that there's no place like home.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am sorry your weather was challenging, but it looks like you had a great time anyway. We stopped in Nassau once while on a cruise and had bad weather then too. A big storm came in but not before my husband and daughter went parasailing. A week after we were there the straw market burned to the ground--but thankfully it is all built back up again. I loved shopping there--but it was crazy.

Glad you had a good time, got a little sun, and were able to relax. Oh, and I am especially glad you got that phone bill fixed!