Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Facts on Friday

I'm writing this on my iPad, so I hope I can get it done with a minimum of errors and frustration. So the five facts will probably be short... 1. I'm in Utah. I love coming up a couple of times a year to pop in on my parents and get a little sisterly love from my Sis in Salt Lake. It feels like this visit is super short for some reason tho..." 2. I love technology, but sometimes I hate it. I love the fact that while I'm away I can communicate rapidly with family, check on how they are on Facebook, send photos through a text BUT last night I was sitting and visiting with my family and we all had our cell phones and we were checking emails, playing games, surfing the web and sending texts. I remarked that it was amazing that we were all together, yet we were somewhat disconnected due to our technology. I could write a whole blog post on the distractions that take us away from what's really important in life. Guilty as charged! 3. I dread going home to the weather. It's supposed to be 99 degrees tomorrow in Phoenix and I've been languishing in the 60s and rainy skies here. For heavens's sake, what happened to spring? 4. I saw two people I knew from my stake here within an hour of each other. It was hilarious meeting someone from home, totally out of context of my normal world. 5. I LOVE the mountains! I took a walk yesterday on the "tree streets" where my parents live in the shadow of the Wasatch front mountains. It was so amazing and the hills were better than any treadmill intervals.....ouch! I wish I could harness that gorgeous mountain and haul it home with me! So that's it for today, see ya on the other side of the weekend. Today my Sis and I are going to the new City Creek mall. So beyond excited!


Kerin said...

Have fun!!

Nice that you could be here in Utah for a while .

We just got back from St. George, and it was starting to warm up there. I can understand not wanting to have that oven heat when you get home :)

Travel safely, and enjoy the rest of your time with family.

Amy said...

Buy yourself something nice. And give Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Ginny a hug for me!

Joy For Your Journey said...

How nice you could get away and enjoy cooler weather. It has been rather hot here. Not fun at all. Although the swimming pool is already in use!! And I totally agree with you on the technology. I hate it when we have company over and people start getting on their phones or Ipads. The other night we had four friends over and at one point three of them were texting. At other times we will be visiting with the kids and my husband will pull out his ipad. This can't wait? :-)