Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Garden Update

Despite my feeble efforts, due to swim meets and other activities, my garden has sprouted! I marvel every year at the miracle.....
 My first experiment with fall green beans.  It worked!!!  Plant them in late September.
Carrots are growing. I accidentally found out the way to get carrots to sprout....the hard way...more at the end of the post.
Sorry about the horrible lighting! This is the cabbage patch.
The peas sprouted too!
So did the lettuce.
And the onions!
This is the future cilantro patch!
For the life of me, I can't figure out how to grow spinach. Anyone have any ideas? Varieties? Tricks? I just doesn't want to sprout.

My accidental and possibly unfortunate trick for getting the seeds to sprout so fast happened a couple of weeks ago. We had been expecting rain and of course in Arizona, no one expects rain when they tell us. I had left my container of seeds outside thinking to myself that I would "get to it tomorrrow."  Yeah, right.

I woke up a few days later to the sound of rain on my roof. 
Hard rain.
Very early.

My collection of seeds were soaked.
All of them.
Including the ones I can't plant right now.

So I hastily planted the ones that I could, including the carrots, peas, lettuce and more cilantro.
Kept the ground wet.

And by golly, they sprouted!!

I've got a new patch of carrots, soaked and planted this morning along with the flowers. Trying another experiment this year.

And tonight I'm going to a class to learn how to grow fruit trees in small spaces.
Like back yards......

Here's hoping for more success.....despite my feeble efforts!


Amy said...

Looooovely. Happy little accident.

Granny J said...

First lesson...must have moisture to grow anything! ;) I'm certainly not a garden expert but it has been our experience that spinach is the "weed" variety of greens. Just like lettuce! It does like cool/cold so maybe you're just to warm yet. Good luck...I hope the gardening bug bites me this year 'cos last year well, let's not talk about it.

Cherie said...

Your garden looks great. It is so funny to me that you are planting things now - but, of course, it makes sense since you live in a hot dry climate.
I think I am a little jealous! :-D

Kerin said...

It does my heart good to see those garden pictures!
How nice to be able to grow a garden at this time of year.
We have had terrific sucess with a giant leaf spinach. I'll try to remember which variety it was and let you know.
Thanks for sharing your garden with us!!