Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walking to the Edge of the Light

Painting by Greg Olson
This is hanging in my house

A bazillion years ago, at a Stake Conference, I will never forget the statement by our visiting authority. He was talking about faith. He was illustrating faith by comparing it to walking along a dark road using a flashlight. He said that faith is stepping out into the darkness, just at the edge of the light, and trusting that the light would follow. I don't know if these were his exact words, but my memory is vivid of stepping out beyond the light of the flashlight. I don't see well in the dark, so this made a big impression on me. That visiting authority was Elder David Bednar.

We are walking by faith these days. I asked permission from my daughter to share our story. You see, a week ago, at a routine ultrasound, a hole was discovered in her baby girl's beating heart. The world stood still for them and life changed in an instant. They have waited a long time to begin their family, through no fault of their own, and now, through no fault of their own, they have been chosen to bear this trial.

Now a week later, we still know very little about what the plan will be, other than the fact that the defect is fixable, that all other organs and body parts appear to be perfect. They were told that there is a chance of a chromasomal defect causing the heart problem, and my daughter is agonizing over that too.

So we trust in God. I told her that Heavenly Father has the power to fill that hole in her baby's heart if it is His will. And if it is not His will, then we live in a day of amazing medical miracles.

So today, could you remember my daughter in your fasting and prayers? If you want to read her story, you can go here.  We are going to the pediatric cardiologist on Monday to hopefully find out more.....

And so we learn to walk to the edge of the light....and trusting that it will follow.


Granny J said...

I'm feeling your uncertainty and your faith!

The Cluff women sang this last night at our Evening of Excellence...
"How Gentle God's Commands" and I was flooded with emotions as this was the song that "filled the hole in my heart" when we learned of Patrick's difficulties.

"Come cast you burden on the Lord and trust His constant care."

All of you will be in my thoughts and prays. ..I always remind myself that Heavenly Father doesn't make what is the point of all of this... and then (hopefully) I grow and find peace. I hope you all will have peace today.

Momza said...

Bless your hearts.
Will do, Marilyn.
May you all have peace at this time.
Sending many good thoughts for you all.

Reno said...

Your family and especially that sweet baby will be remembered in my prayers.

GGMA said...

We have lots of people praying for them and the doctors. I have faith that they can correct the defect.

Connie said...

Your daughter and her baby will be in my prayers! You're so right about what the Lord can do and what modern medicine can do! I hope you and your family can feel some peace.