Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have been transitioning the garden this past few weeks. Around here, I grow cool season veggies in the fall/winter/early spring. That means that my little pea-pickers here had their last harvest.
Conference weekend.

The plants are starting to turn brown so I've spent some time yanking them out and I'm waiting for the big guns (hubby) to dig up the soil and plant me some watermelons and cantaloupes.
Oh happy day-the seeds have sprouted!   Squash....
I see a little roma peeking out!
My daily battle with seedlings-it's me or the birds!  The green beans are under their protective cages.
The cukes! I'm anticipating a good harvest for my green smoothies! (this is a never ending hope-I've never had much success with cucumbers-only the crazy long Armenian ones. Trying a new variety this year-cross yer fingers!)

Good luck all you northerners in your upcoming garden endeavors! We had a taste of summer last week-our first 100 the rest isn't far

Some transitions I'm not looking forward to......

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