Friday, April 8, 2011

Headed East

So in a couple of days, TL & I are headed off to the beach, except we're not going west this time, we're going east, as in Florida gulf coast east.

I've never been there. Even though we don't live in a cold climate, I'm looking forward to a little R&R on the beach-with my new book-and the extra humidity that my desert-parched dry skin will soak up.

There may be posts, sans photos, since my portable electronic devices won't do that (or at least I don't know how to add them)

Bon voyage......


Amy said...

have fun!

Kerin said...

Have a wonderful trip!
Think about me.....and the 3 inches of snow that we are shoveling this morning :)

Suzie said...

I am catching up on blogs and want to wish you a wonderful trip but I'm sure you're back.
Hope it was great, can't wait to hear all about it.