Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tap, tap, tap, are you in there? or How we Celebrated the Royal Wedding

Yup, I've been absent. I've been SUPER busy doing things, you know, like picking my sunburn and scratching my Florida bug bites. Important things like that. you know.

So I thought I would return by sharing EXACTLY what I did during the Royal Wedding last week.

Snuggling with grandbaby #11!!! Not sure if his parents want his name revealed on line but he arrived safe and sound, all 8 pounds even of him!

Actually I watched the royal wedding live, as I was fretting and waiting for the phone call to come to the hospital. We had gotten the call the night before that mama was in labor, so I was ready and waiting, but didn't get the call until early the next morning that the event was imminent.

Therefore, I watched the regal event live, with half closed eyeballs, knowing that I was recording it for my posterity to be watched at a more reasonable hour.

After we gooed and snuggled and I dashed home, which seemed to be filled with 500 children, including the siblings of sweet baby, not really 500.  The doorbell rang and to my amazement this person was at my door...
Ready and prepped to watch the big event. Under no circumstances was I allowed to reveal any details of the wedding, INCLUDING, the Dress.
My Anglophile child arrived, prepared and ready for "tea" in her borrowed antique Mini Cooper. She was dressed appropriately for the occasion, including the required hat.

So I'll end my silence with a couple more photos of sweet baby boy, taken yesterday.
He's so squishy and snuggly and lovely!
And I think he loves his Grandma!!

Edit-After re-reading this post, I realize it sounds slightly incoherent and disjointed. I'm blaming my middle aged brain.


Patrice said...

Oh how precious . . . all of it!

Momza said...

oh my goodness! no wonder you've been quiet! You've been busy...and nothing is sweeter than a new squishy granbaby! Congratulations!
love's Amy's enthusiasm!

Reno said...

He is wonderful! Congratulations, Grandma.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I think it sounded wonderful. And from the look on your grandbaby's face, I am sure he loves his grandma!!

I emailed you the other day. Did you get it?

Connie said...

What a handsome, soft, adorable grandson!
What a fun daughter!

Granny J said...

Amen and amen to all of the above!

Kerin said...

Congratulations to all! What a wonderful blessing to have such a little sweetie born into the family :)
Looks like you have a super fun and creative daughter too.
Have a wonderful week !

Amy said...

He looks like his oldest brother.

And thanks for the shout out. :)
Cheers, Mum!