Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pickins' from my Patch

This morning's harvest.

I guess I can blame my lack of posting on my garden. You see in my own little h*llhole corner of the desert southwest, it starts getting mighty hot, even in the morning. The prime time to get my hands dirty is early. Thus, my blogging time has been displaced by other activities.

But, what a rich reward! I should have titled this post, 10,000 ways to eat squash. We've had fried zucchini, zucchini muffins, steamed squash, roasted squash, and squash fritters, and the season has just begun! I'm going to try a creamy squash soup in a few days. (the recipe looks delish)  So any of the 10 people who read my blog, any recipes for using squash/zucchini?  I would be most grateful. The more disguised, the better. (yes I plan on making zucchini bread too) The goal for the squash/zucchini season is to harvest them before they get to the size of baseball bats.

One of my great joys so far this season has been cucumbers! For whatever reason, I've never been able to get a harvest of the normal, regular, dark-green, like the-kind-you-buy-in-the-grocery store. I've been able to grow the light green, crazy looking Armenian kind, but my family hasn't taken kindly to this variety. But.....this year has been a first! Those first two little chubs in the photo are cukes!!! Yea! 

So good luck all you northern gardeners just getting started! I'll be "green" with envy by August when my patch is nothing but brown, dried up stubs.

And now pardon me while I go feed my babies in my little patch.....


Reno said...

Ever since I started reading your blog, I have admired your gardening skills. Despite the heat you have a green thumb. This year we put our tomatoes in containers and I'm in charge of watering them (DH tends to flood irrigate). Here's crossing my fingers and toes!

Momza said...

I don't know if I got this recipe from you, but I like zucchini when it's sliced longways, sprinkled with parmesan, salt and garlic then baked.
I also like yellow and zucchini squash sauteed with yellow onions and garlic. Mmmmm good!
If I were your neighbor I would beg for some of your delicious squash!

Amy said...

Oh yum, Mom! Can I have the recipe for the squash soup? I don't think my boys will eat it but it sounds yummalicious to me.

You should blog more. You're funny.