Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Says you Can't Eat Green Beans for Breakfast?

I know my kids are gagging at this point.
But I picked a handful of beautiful fresh beans this morning.
And TL and I love 'em.
So I steamed them up and we had them by the side of our eggs and mushrooms.
(don't forget the butter too!)

Editor's note:
Sorry to be absent. The weather is so beautiful right now that I'm spending lots of time outdoors and with other projects. I'm going to keep trying to share! There's lots going on...And when I had time to blog, Blogger was down....


Amy said...

I wasn't gagging. :)

mushrooms are my favorite. Favorite favorite. You know, the English have mushrooms for breakfast all the time. :)

pwniels said...

Fresh beans! Yum.

Joy For Your Journey said...

On our last trip to Israel I finally decided to embrace the eastern custom of eating veggies for breakfast and loved it!! For years I have resisted thinking that eating a salad for breakfast would be gaggy, but I actually really liked it once I tried it. Green beans for breakfast now sounds great! :-)

Kerin said...

Yum! But, I was thinking of beans with bacon and a little crushed buttered crackers on top :)
Guess that's why I'm not a 'bean' :)
Hope that the rest of your week is wonderful !
p.s. Enjoy the sun! We're getting lots and lots of rain, and even some new snow....bummer!