Friday, September 23, 2011

The Photo below really has nothing to do with this post

Well, maybe it does.
This is my youngest grandchild.
(for the moment)
He is the spitting image of his Daddy.
I luv to munch on him.
Therefore, he has to stop by regularly.
So I can nibble on his cheeks for a few minutes.

So....just checking in.
Still on the countdown.
T-minus 5 days now, almost 4 1/2
I'm so totally exhausted.

I spent the afternoon on the couch....gasp!
But it has just been run, run, run.
Constantly for a loooong time.
I've almost completely overhauled my own house.
It's been pronounced acceptable
For the returning missionary.
Or maybe almost....I still have a few things I would like to do..
But the budget says no.
Since this child o mine who is returning (in 5 days, lest you forgot)
Will need a new wardrobe,
a cell phone,
a job,
a vehicle,

So that puts the cabosh on any more decorating dreams of mine.

I'm super busy with church stuff.
And family stuff.

And it's okay, serving makes me happy.
And very tired.

The temps here are still in the triple digits.
I was hoping they would be lower
So when the Alaska missionary comes home,
it won't be such a shock to his system.
I looked it up today and it was actually 56 degrees cooler where he is than here.
Poor baby.

I think I should have called this post "brain dump."


Kerin said...

Well, that grandbaby is a cutie-pie...but he still has his cheeks, so you have maintained some self- control :)
I'm super excited for you to have your missionary back home!
Stock up on 'Eskimo pies'.... to help him acclimate a bit easier.

Momza said...

5 days?! Wow, I remember when he left! He'll be home in your arms and yummy cookin' before either of you knows it! So happy for you, Marilyn!

Kristin said...

Fun post . . . enjoy that missionary and tons of hugs for the grandbaby :)


Joy For Your Journey said...

Glad you are still alive and that all is falling into place for the return of your missionary son. And I am sure he will not notice or care much about any re-decorating you don't get done. But he might care about this heat!! I did hear it is supposed to cool down a little in a few days. At any rate, he will probably appreciate AZ very much in about six weeks from now. :-)

Jessica said...

OH my gosh Little m is so cute! :)