Saturday, January 7, 2012

Numero Doce!*

Sweet baby girl.
Arrived early this morning at 2:01 am.
All 6 lbs 11 oz of her.
All is well with momma and baby.
Not sure her parents want her name broadcast over the internet but her initials are EGB.
Perfect in every way.
The epitome of love.

*means number 12! (my twelfth grandbaby)


Heidi Allen Garvin said...

How WONDERFUL!!!! What a sweet blessing!

We've posted this announcement on our new FB page today and invite you to join us and other Mormon Mom Bloggers.

We also have a new google+ page and would love for you to join us there as well.

Congratulations, again, on sweet #12!

Reno said...

Congratulations! Grandchildren are wonderful, aren't they? We're heading out tomorrow to see our newest grand-daughter. Love it.

Momza said...

So wonderful! congratulations!