Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Things for Friday

1.  I'm SO glad God gave me last week, because this week has been INSANE! I had a weirdish virus that attacked my right tonsil and I pretty much decided to LISTEN to my body and go to close to resting in bed as possible. After our birthday celebration, I crashed.  This week has been crazy busy with church stuff and other delightful occupations......

2. I'm super proud of my baby girl. She has really grown up. She comes home after work and tells us of her exciting adventures. If you remember correctly, she works at a local hospital transporting patients. The other day she told me that there was a crazy naked guy hopped up on drugs running down the hall towards her and the security guys yelled at her to STOP HIM! She knew a short cut to get to him and she actually tackled him and held him down until the big guys got there. The security guys said, Dang, girl!  She has begun a new relationship with a very nice young man and I think she is so very brave, strong and super smart! 

3.  We've had an ongoing crazy saga with our sectional all week. 
I had decided that the old faithful couch needed a redo.  I called an upholstery company that was recommended, and after I picked myself up off the floor at the price of a redo (it was over $4000!), we decided to go shopping and see if we could find a new one cheaper.
We saw this one that was considerably cheaper, but I still wanted to think about it. Before making a final decision, I called another upholstery company. The quote they gave me was less than HALF the original quote for the reupholstering, so this is what my family room looks like now.
This crazy saga was all documented on facebook because I wanted my kids to see the possible new one. They are SUPER attached to the old couch-it's SUPER comfortable-we've all had many a nap on the old faithful......So we wait for it to get redone. I just hope that I picked the right fabric!!!

4.  Finished up another baby quilt for the little guy coming this summer. This one was super easy and super satisfying because I did SUPER well on the binding. Is that enough supers in one sentence?

 Close up of the fabric. His mama loved the old fashioned vehicles on it!

5.  I've been more immersed in the scriptures recently than ever before.  I think I have mentioned this web site, . I have been using her ideas to study and write and mark in my new scriptures and it's so amazing the spirit that I have felt. I can't emphasize enough the importance of studying, really studying the scriptures EVERY day. I can feel myself changing and growing in ways that I could never have imagined.  PLEASE spend time every day with the word of God.....(and that's a reminder for myself too!)

Until later.....


Joy For Your Journey said...

Sorry about you getting sick. I hope you are feeling better. Great going to your daughter!! That is impressive! And I think you should get the couch. It is beautiful.

Kerin said...

Hope that you are feeling 100% better, after your illness.

Love that your daughter took the crazy guy down... awesome!!

I'm glad you mentioned the way that you are working on studying the scriptures.. I'll have to check out that site.

Can't wait to see the fabric you picked out for the sectional.

Have an awesome Mother's Day!

Amy said...

I like these five fact friday posts. Even though I already know a lot of it, it still brings me joy to read it!