Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I haven't posted much recently about our continuing endeavors to cram more fruits and veggies into our lives. TL is on board with me and we are on a course to veggify every meal we eat. In the past month or so I have taken Instagram photos of some yummy breakfasts that we have eaten and thought maybe I would throw these out to inspire others.
This breakfast salad was inspired by many of the Chef Brad shows I've watched. He mixes a cooked whole grain with some fruits and a sweet vinaigrette, topped with some kind of nuts. I cooked some kamut, and mixed it with some fresh pineapple, oranges and bananas. The dressing was also inspired by Chef Brad. I found a fruit-flavored flax oil that is DELISH! Mixed with a little balsamic vinegar and tossed with the fruit. I topped it with raw cashews. I feel SO good when I eat this way for breakfast.
My man loves his eggs. This was inspired by a commercial I saw on TV, I think it was IHOP. I sauteed some red pepper, green onion, mushrooms and spinach and topped it with a fried egg. Hubby man doesn't like cooked spinach, so his doesn't have it. There's usually about a cup of veggies underneath the egg. YUM!
Here's another, a kind of egg hash. This one was inspired by Real Simple Magazine. I can't remember the exact contents, but I know it has sauteed cauliflower. It was surprisingly good and hubby man liked it too. My secret code is, "Is it a keeper?"  If it's a thumbs up, then I will make it again. I have definitely had some thumbs down meals!
Here's another yummy salad that was inspired by my dear Hispanic sisters. It has shredded cabbage, carrots and cilantro.  I toss it with a little rice wine vinegar and salt.  It tastes DELISH with all Mexican food and I've even eaten it with fish tacos or even in a corn tortilla all on its own as a vegetarian taco. 

Of course we still have green smoothies.....drinking a little more of them as the weather heats up.  I would LOVE to get any more ideas on veggifying meals so SPEAK UP if you are reading this and share some good stuff with me!


Kerin said...

Oh.. believe me.. you are miles, and miles ahead of me on the veggie eating track.

I wish I likes veggies.
I like a few..but not as many as I should.

All those ideas look delish though.. and I'm going to have to give the egg breakfasts a try.

Keep up the good work! You inspire me to try harder :)

Reno said...

Your meals look delicious! I am vegefying all my meals also but they are pretty plain and not nearly as delightful as yours look.