Friday, November 6, 2009

Mystery Question of the Day

What is this?

Not my lunch.

It's my secret to growing carrots.

It's the little carrot sprouts I thinned yesterday morning. Please have a moment of silence for these little guys....................

I figured out that in order to have carrots, there has to be space for them to grow, and in order to have space, well, unfortunately some of them have to be sacrificed. I guess I could plant one seed at a time 2-3 inches apart, but I'm not organized like that. I usually wait for the sprouts to get large enough to grab easily and I pick the ones that get to stay based on their growth and sturdiness of the plant.

It's also the secret to growing beets, thinning that is. Except this is my beet patch:

Mostly dirt, no plants. Any gardeners out there reading this? I'm having a tough time getting beet seeds to sprout. Any suggestions out there??? Is it because I'm the only one in the family that likes beets? Revenge of the Beet Seeds?? Bad seeds? Anyone????

But on a happier note-my cilantro is finally sprouting!!! Hooray. I can't live without cilantro in my fridge.. It has been a tough one to sprout too. Any suggestions out there in blog land?

Thank you very much for your time.

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GGMA said...

Let's all say a prayer for the sacrificial carrots and be grateful for the ones who grow to size. Yum!