Friday, June 18, 2010

The Fruits of My Labors

Now don't be getting all impressed and jealous with me here.
That bag of red peppers is my ONLY harvest of peppers this year.
We are putting the garden to bed in a few weeks.
The green beans are slowing down cuz the plants are turning into crispy critters.
And I collect a handful of pear tomatoes every other day or so-just enough to put in some salads.
I harvested a couple of huge cucumbers the other day.
But I'm not sure how happy they are going to be with the heat and all.

But I'm in a frenzy of food preservation right now.
The sweet corn season is here.
I put up 10 ziplock bags yesterday and I'm off in a few to go pick up some more.
I figured I paid 1.47 per bag for pesticide free, fresh off the cob corn.
I did enough last year to last us a year.
So that's the goal.
My green bean harvest yielded 16 bags of fresh frozen green beans for my storage.
And those red peppers are awaiting my blender.
Because I found a new recipe for jalapeno jelly I'm going to try.
Cuz the jalapeno pepper plant is going bu-bye too in a few.
And the basil needs to be turned into pesto.

So it's time to get crack-a-lackin'

P.S. The raspberry/zucchini jam is kinda tasty!


Kerin said...

Sounds like you will be plumping up your pantry :)
All of your produce looks terrific!!
Have a wonderful day :)
Hope you do something fun !!

Allyson said...