Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictorial Review

A little glimpse into the life of the Madwoman this past week or so....
Dad's so happy cuz he gets to grill his own dinner for our pre-father's day celebration.
(because we left for Denver on Father's Day)
Now that's a load of beef!
I wasn't quick enough to get the splash----
Take my picture Grandma!!
These girls are too funny.
I had to capture the moment.

Off to Denver......
The highlight of the Denver trip:
Meeting Momza.
We look like twins with our squinty eyes.
But it was the MOST fun!
We talked for hours.
I love her laugh.
I wish I lived in Denver now.
Back home briefly.
We made gold leaf temple pictures.
Verrry fun!

Off to Utah...
You haven't lived until you've eaten a fried pickle at the Garden Restaurant
on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.....
or eaten their creme brulee.......deee.vine!
I took this photo in the front row of the conference center.
Because I will never, ever, never sit there in a meeting.
Because it's for the VIP types.
That I will never be.
But I made a memory!
I did not take this photo.
Looking down at the fountain in the conference center.
Just looking at it makes my palms sweat.
But I did take this one.
Looking up.....
This is ON.TOP of the conference center.....
So is this.

Last Saturday......
My sister's yard is made for wedding receptions...

Parents of the groom...(my sissie and hubs!)

Chocoloate covered strawberries with.
(for the uninformed-just about the best chocolate evah!)
More cousins.
And more cousins.
(my family-we make good-lookin' cousins!!)
The bride & groom.
Her dress was!

Now it's back to real life.
Soaking up the lovely 111 temps.
Watching my garden turn into crispy critters.
Redoing the visiting teaching again for about the 1523rd time.
Showering kisses on Jessica's baby.
Aint Life grand?


Connie said...

I hope you don't mind that I came to visit your fun blog! I'm glad to know that I've lived since I have actually eating a fried pickle from the Garden Restaurant! Looks like you've had a fun filled week. It's always fun to meet bloggy friends and to go to weddings!

Julie said...

Two of my favorite bloggers meet. So cool! I hope you get some down time soon! Visiting teaching lists used to keep me up nights! Sorry.

Momza said...

I'm so glad you felt the same way I did--LOVED meeting you!!
I was thinking we might visit for an hour over lunch--four hours later, I felt like we were just getting started!
So fun meeting you, Marilyn...hope we can do that again sometime!The rest of your trip looks great too! Glad you are home safely.

Jen said...

Good times....sad to miss the wedding reception. I need to get up there & see the family. I miss them!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Everything you did looks like so much fun!! Great pictures!

So we sat on the 6th row at the conference center once. A man at the church office building gave us the tickets at the last minute. It ended up being rather embarrassing because we sat in the middle of a large family--and everyone knew each other--except for us. We had people leaning over us hugging all the time. Then finally someone turned to me and asked, "Should I know you?" It was sad to admit I was just a nobody who got lucky with a seat assignment. :-)

Mari said...

Wish I could have been there for the wedding too! I loved seeing a glimpse of my sibs though. Thanks for that!