Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catching UP

No, this is not a post describing all the stuff that has happened this past week.

Today I've decided to regroup.
Catch up.

We all need a day to kind of sort through the piles of life.
Toss and organize.
You know, regroup.

I did something this morning that makes me feel proud.
It was one of those things that I had been meaning to do for AGES.

Here's the story:

My refrigerator is a mess.
Something spilled (I think it was evaporated milk), dribbling its contents alllll the way down to the bottom.
The can was on the top shelf, hidden away in the bowels of the refrigerator.
So I decided to clean it up.

In the process of cleaning, I realized for the 1000th time,
that the annoying meat drawer is broken.
I have shuffled that dumb drawer in and out, babying it so it won't break more.
And I said to myself, "Self, why not? It's TIME!"

So I found the appliance booklet,
Called the customer service number,
And ORDERED a NEW drawer!

I'm feeling very self-satisfied at the moment.
Although the cost of the new drawer made me take pause.
But this dumb drawer has been broken for probably 3-4 years.
So I'm anticipating the new drawer...
That will slide easily in and out as I waltz around preparing dinner.

So what is it that you keep putting off?
I challenge you to get it done TODAY.


Kassi Jane said...

I keep putting off exercise!

GGMA said...

We were cold for days until finally we called the furnace guy and he replaced our thermostat which was 4 degrees low! Here's to catching up on things!

Reno said...

I put off way too many things to get them all done today. But I do like those puttery days where odds and ends get taken care of. Like something gets put away that's been in the corner for months. Those kinds of things.

Kerin said...

The refrigerator, the kitchen floor being scrubbed, etc... all things that I keep putting off.
I did get the return missionary to the dentist and finished catching up on his dental care :)
Gold star on that one :)
I really need a putter day !

Connie said...

I, too, have been putting off cleaning the refrigerator! You've inspired me! I also have 3 buckets of apples I need to do something with. Gotta work on it tonight. Gotta get off the computer!

Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Amy said...

Right now? I'm putting off making dinner. Ha. Whatta slacker I am.

Jessica said...


Jen said...

Taxes. Ok. I will go pay them now. Thanks for the kick in the hiney.