Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is a test

Just attempting to download a cute photo of Alyssa in her fast skin at the meet last week. She did a provisional time to be in the state competition in her backstroke and medley relay yesterday....crossing our fingers for her!!!


Granny J said...

Yippee! It worked! Did my you follow my advice or were you able to do it another way?

Marilyn said...

Lacie-no I just downloaded the photo. I think I'm on the new editor. I haven't had time to even try up until today but it looks like it is going to work. I also went back and deleted a few old posts from a couple of years ago. I like your new photo!

Granny J said...

Great...but just in case... that also happened to me a couple of weeks ago (not able to load)...I waited and then it was fine. It seems that my Halloween (13 pics) was just too much! ;) I'm going to try the new editor again and see what happens.