Thursday, October 28, 2010


I had a fabulous pictorial post working yesterday.
Unfortunately Blogger tells me I have run out of memory space.
So until I figure out how to deal with it.
Or somebody gives me some advice on how to fix it.
My photos are temporarily suspended.



Momza said...

Whatever you do,
do NOT delete pics from your Picasa account. It will delete them from your blog! I did that and it messed up my blog!
You'll have to go to Accounts and pay 5 bucks to have another folder that will give you space for like 1000 more pics.

Kerin said...

Wow... this is good information to have. I am glad that I read Momza's comment to you.
Best of luck.

Patrice said...

What does that mean? I've never had that problem.

Granny J said...

Help...Me TOO! I purchased more and waited 24 hours and I've still got nothing! My account says it's been charged and accepted I need to do something else. I also just load pictures from my I have to use an album from P? I'm going into withdrawal melt down! ;)

Granny J said...

OK...I had to go back to my basic settings and select "Old Editor". It's amazing how quickly I got attached to the new editor... but hey this is working for now.