Monday, December 6, 2010

Baptisms, Baby Showers, and Birthdays, Oh My!

So life just keeps moving on...faster than I can keep up with it!
Here's the big girl that was baptized a few weeks ago.
Our oldest grandbaby. Except she's not a baby anymore.
Time flies!!
It was a great day.
And here's the baby shower honoree.
We are SO blessed that she was able to attend her shower.
Because she was in the hospital for most of last week.
The baby is starting to have edema under the skin (typical condition with babies with heart defects)
And the doctor wanted her to be monitored.
She has mild pre-eclampsia and is now on strict bed rest.
Except for special things like baby showers.
And doctor appointments!
And the Birthday Boy is the handsome fella on the far left.
Poor guy, he seems to get gypped every year on his birthday since it falls in December.
And we remedied that...
With a nice family dinner.
Complete with favorites of lemon chicken and chocolate cake and ice cream.

So we're still alive and kickin' around here.
Decking the halls.
and Creating in Santa's workshop.

And sorely lacking in the picture taking department!!!!


Granny J said...

Good to see you all! Is that your Christmas tree...cause if it is I'm envious! It doesn't look like Christmas around here at all...hmm I guess that would be me needing to do something! Can't wait to see what you are creating this year.

Amy said...

I love B's pose in that last pic. Hilarious!

I look like I'm about to pop in that picture. Which I guess I am.

GGMA said...

What a beautiful family. They will be ready for Christmas. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. I guess I need to send it to the right address.

Kassi Jane said...

I love the pic of jens family, they are so cute! O and my internet was out but we got it fixed so i will be blogging alot more! Im sure you didnt notice i was gone, but i just thought i would let you know

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your granddaughter is darling. Congratulations to her on her baptism. And I am glad your daughter was able to attend her baby shower. I am sorry to hear about the struggles with the baby though. We will pray for a miracle.

Just ME the MOM said...

Baptisms - baby showers and birthdays! All such great occasions to get the family together, I love each and every one!


Kerin said...

Wonderful times together as a family!
I am so happy for you and for your beautiful family, that you have had some moments to celebrate in the middle of the worries and stresses. Life is good :)

Suzie said...

Special times in your family right now.
Hope you are doing well-thinking of you!