Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm really spoiled. I've always had "my herd of turtles" close by. But in the last few months some of them are spreading their wings a little more. (mixed metaphor???changing their shells????)

Last weekend we moved these guys to the WEST end of our valley. They are ready to begin a new chapter of their lives. For months and months B has been trekking across town EVERY day with a 45 minute commute to attend dental school. They gave up 18 months of their lives to care for 92-year-old Grandpa while my sister in law was on her mission. She returned and now B only has a 5 minute commute to school. Good luck guys!!
And several months ago, we moved these guys to the EAST end of our valley, 40 minutes away. They've added their new little guy to their family.

It's a little different having everyone so far away now, but they all love their new areas and are making life great where they are.

And if mom wasn't so brain dead after many hours of church in Spanish, you would have seen a nice photo of all of them at my house last night for Father's Day.......


Kerin said...

It's hard when our grown up kids are far from home. I still miss them, and wish that they missed me just as much :) Cause... I'm pretty certain if they missed me just as much as I missed them, they wouldn't want to go any farther away than the basement :)
Hope you have a great week !!

Amy said...

It's hard being so far away, but we'll be back a lot, so don't worry. We're finally starting to get things put together!
Thanks for being so sweet to us. :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

At least they are still in the valley!! My son (my only married child to live in AZ) just informed me that he was headed to Tucson in a year and hopefully the middle east after that!!

You still haven't told me what ward your daughter is in. Can you email that to me? My best email address is lswgww at aol dot com