Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Parties

Massage and myopractic to relieve the aching muscles and stress-$80.00
Hit my bank account took for food and decorations-$250.00  (I did get reimbursed)
Photo of TL dancing the hula (and winning the contest)-Priceless


Kerin said...

Priceless indeed!
How wonderful that you have such a fun loving husband and that he really gets into the spirit of the activity :)
Hope you're having a fun week.
We're working in the yard ...finally it's warm enough :)

Amy said...

Heck yes!! Shake it, Dad! Did you get this on video? If not, don't worry, i'm bringing my camera to California.

jen said...

Niiiice. LOL! And Amy YES bring your camera! I'm already looking forward to the family vacay video. :) No pressure. ;)