Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Since it's the first of June, and as I'm relaxing in Utah as you read this, I thought I would catch up on the happenings of spring of 2011......
Grandpa's little shadow.
The Prom. This photo doesn't really do justice to how spectacular she looked.
Branch Mother's Day party. The moms are all being serenaded by the men with a traditional Mexican song (dang it, I need to get the words!) This is sung at birthdays and special occasions and there were many tears shed....
The professional at work. (My family room has fabulous light!)
Her tiny subject, my newest grandbaby, my photo, hers are waaay better.
The neighbors were working in their garden so of course when there are big machines involved, this guy wants to be in the middle of it!
Anticipation of finding Easter eggs at Grandma's party!!!
Found one!  I color coded the eggs this year by child. There was less hysteria and the littles had theirs out in plain view while the older guys at to work harder to find theirs!
Pulling up carrots in the garden for the Easter bunny!
Coloring eggs is a serious business.

So is frosting your egg cookie!
But don't forget the frosting is yummy!

That's it, the Reader's Digest version of springtime at the Madwoman's house.


Momza said...

Looks like you've been busy! And those granbabies are beautiful! Enjoy your vacation in Utah.

Amy said...

Love it all!

And your picture of Grandbaby #11 is still VERY good, Mom. :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, so busy!! Looks like everyone had a great time. Color coding eggs sounds like a good idea!

Kerin said...

Wonderful family happenings!
Hope you have a great vacation here in Utah. I wish we had better weather, in which to welcome you with......well, at least there is no longer 6 feet of snow :)
Have a great week !1

Granny J said...

I'm impressed with your restraint...if you have visited my blog lately you will know there is NO restraint there!

I love the idea of color coding also.

Green Apple Images...hmmmm, where have I heard that. Sherral (my oldest daughter) had knitted some of the hats and nesties used for the babies...cute stuff! Don't freeze up thar!