Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garden Update

There's been a whole heap of gardening going on around here. Snow may still be piled high in other parts of the world, but around here in the Desert Southwest, spring has SPRUNG!
The sticks that consisted of my grapevines have sprouted green.
I harvested one of these delectable morsels this morning....Oh So Sweet and Delicious! It's all out war between me and the birds. We have the plants covered with netting but there are some suspicious looking peck marks seen on a few of the berries!

My ever lovin' garden slave and all around good guy TL has been preparing soil for me.

He even built me this marvel of engineering for our climbing plants, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.....

It's time to get these folks in the ground.....before the sun fries!
Nope, that's not tonight's dinner, it's hopefully this summer's harvest!

Speaking of harvest, I've had to yank out the old to prepare for the new. The peas are history, the carrots are few and the lettuce is plentiful! I'm trying a new variety of heat tolerant lettuce this year, hoping beyond hope that I can extend the season.....

And these boys and girls (Better boy and Early Girl ) are settled into their new homes....At the turn of each season, I learn anew about having faith, planting my little seeds, trying to nourish them and waiting with baited breath to see the miracle of life again!


Lisa said...

I'm very impressed with your garden. I love the idea of raised beds because our ground is soo hard. To plant, care for, and harvest your own food sounds like heaven.

Momza said...

Beautiful! I am anxious for spring t arrive here...still awhile off for us--altho it is in the 70's here today--but there's a snowstorm of two still to come our way by June!
Enjoy your hard work!

Patrice said...

Oh, you are wonderful! Can we hire T to come and get a garden ready for me?

John Taylor Family said...

Wow! That's Awesome!

Seems wierd to be think'n about gardening with our snow :)

I cant wait for spring for a whole 'nother reason...CABIN FEVER!!!

Allyson said...

looking good!!!! we will start ours sat--YAHOOOOOO!!!

merrianne said...

dang girl! you are so organized!! i need to get off my booty and start thinkin about gardening!!!!

sandalloons44 said...

oh great! I had been getting the compose ready everyday with coffee grounds, lemon and orange rines, old egg shells, and this and that. So, yesterday as I had my tooth pulled, my hubby got this all mixed in good and ready to plant.
I had this chipped tooth for almost 3 months.
I thought It was front popcorn and low and behold, it was my left top wisdom tooth. Ouch for months but, what a relief now.

so, glad you have food coming up.
My neighbors has great gardens also and wants to give me a starter grape plant. I want to try and see what happens.
He as well as we, used straw and hay as ground cover from the heat. Might want to try this as the feed stores gives this to you for free. Just bring a bucket!