Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garden Update

I haven't updated my garden for a loooonnnggg time.
Because I haven't been in the mood to garden much.
Thank heaven's it's been taking care of itself.

Thanks to hubby who reminds me to cover it on those freezing nights.
And believe me, we've had LOTS of those this winter!  Crazy!
And the automatic watering.

So without further ado---
Trying to conserve space in a square foot garden...
The peas are blooming now! They are climbing up a wire trellace.
I pick from the lettuce patch almost every day, that's next to the peas.
If you've never grown gotta try!!  It's super easy, super delish, you'll never want to buy store bought lettuce again, unless of course it's out of season for your area. (my out of season is summer) Lettuce is bitter when it's too hot and you don't water it enough....
And then there's some onions on the edge.
I usually use these as I need them, some get big, some I use as green onions, however long they stay in the ground.
My other lettuce patch. Been trying to keep rotating the crops, you can see some new plants just getting going in front.
This is the swiss chard, cilantro patch gone wild. I LOVE fresh cilantro and I LOVE being able to go out and pick it fresh when I need it. Of course another green that has to be planted in season, it bolts in the heat. ug!
And the piece 'o resistance....
The dead, frozen tomato plant.
For some reason, every fall I start thinking I'm the gardener invicible and I CAN grow tomatoes in the winter.
Yes, these were covered.

Remind me next fall when I'm thinking I can do this again.
Tomatoes + cold = waste of money and water.


Momza said...

you're growing what I'm buying...cilantro, lettuce and green onions.
Of course, there's snow on the ground so that relieves my guilt just a bit.
Have a great day!

p.s. I removed that one post about teenagers b/c there was some repentance on their end. It seemed right to do that.

Adele said...

I am just a little jealous of your garden! It looks great,especially with everything that has been going on the past few weeks.

I am ripping everything out this week in mine. The aphids won again this fall :(. Try, Try again.

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Your green garden is such a sight for these winter weary eyes!