Friday, January 28, 2011

Latest News from the Frozen North

Just got another camera memory card package from the Elder, so I'm showing off some of the latest photos for the fam. These make no sense to me in any way, shape or form, but it does show the workings of the mind of my youngest son.
 Doing the Lord's work
I think this is a hint...he wants more letters.
He's busy!
At least we know he got the Christmas package!
Even colder.
Long way from Samoa....
Said goodbye to one of his best friends and former comp (on the left) and said goodbye to his current companion (on the right)
I believe this is his new companion. He's now a trainer!
Some of his latest artwork.

Believe me, this is purely conjecture on my part, but I am assuming these are his thoughts behind these latest photos, since he didn't say a word about them.  (plus a whole lot of silly videos-mostly at the Burger King ordering cherry icees--in the middle of winter in Alaska, mind you)


Joy For Your Journey said...

It sure looks like he is having success as a missionary!! And I love his artwork. That is beautiful. I also loved the picture of the sun shining on the snow.

And about the new comp . . . I guess he will have to buy a matching sweater soon. :-)

Reno said...

Missionaries are the best!

GGMA said...

That is our Daniel. It looks cold!

Jessica said...

Mom -the one pic has to be because they are wearing matching sweaters.

Momza said...

Oh, I just loved it when we got pics from our missionaries. Those are so fun.
Love the artwork!

Kerin said...

Oh those missionaries :)
Aren't they wonderful!!!
How fun to get pictures and see his smiling face, and know that he is working hard, and sharing his love of the gospel.